24 January 2012

Slow Re-Start at JBP

JustBeenPaid - JSS-Tripler
It seems the re-start is still only 30% completed at JustBeenPaid. It's taking longer than I thought it would and I'd like to see my JSS positions show up ... patience ... 1 of 8 JSS matrix position has shown up for me so far.

On the other hand, three JSS positions cycled.
With that earning, I cashed out 30% and re-invested some of the rest as follows:
- bought 1 placement
- upgraded 6 placements to Premium
- bought 4 new JSS-Tripler positions

Not bad!

GIN - Global Information Network
Having a blast listening to podcasts in the car. A thousand times better than all that noise about politics and backstabbing and attacking tactics of upcoming elections.
The information is literally out of this world.
I need to put together a letter / longer post to explain some of the benefits and why you would consider becoming a member, so you can see for yourself what I'm talking about here.

If you do happen to click on the GIN banners, scroll down a bit and watch the Invitation video: "Why You Should Consider Joining GIN" to get started.

Allright, then, have a great day.
Cheers -

10 January 2012

Jss-Tripler Restart

JSS-Tripler went through a "restart"a couple days ago.
Looks like 75% of my Triplers were converted to JSS positions, making me pretty happy. These positions have not shown up in the matrices yet, though that usually takes a few days after the restart, so I'll keep checking.

In the mean time, I'm still buying Triplers anytime I can with earnings. One matrix did cycle, with several others slowly but surely getting filled.
I'm taking some of the cycling earnings and updating placements to Premium to catch some of these new positions rolling in from the Restart.

On a different note, I've been tuning in to the weekly development podcasts offered by GIN, the Global Information Network, and loving them.

One key element in this last one: Be Positive in your speech.
Listen to yourself and the people around you -you'll be amazed as to how much most are negative in their words. Seriously, make it a point to listen for a few hours, be it at work in your social network. It might surprise you.

02 January 2012

Happy New Year 2012

Happy New Year 2012 to one and all!
This year is starting off on an exciting foot already, so be ready for things to get even better!

I had not checked my JustBeenPaid account much during the Christmas holidays -taking a break from online anything and everything- so it was great to log in again and see the progress.

Here what I've done since xmas:
- bought 7 new JSS-Tripler position from earnings
- had 1 matrix cycle
- upgraded 3 matrix placements to Premium

Upgrading the placements now places 2 matrix in line to cycle soon.

Like I said earlier, 2012 is starting off great!
I've noticed the blog also picked up a few new "followers" -Welcome! Hope you enjoy the posts!