09 January 2011

Concentrating On The 40

Today I want to refer back a couple posts to my announcement of entering the Flip'N 100:

If you'll remember, at the time I had just joined with a gift of 100 and fully expected to received 3 gifts of 100, for a total of 300...

Well, as things would have it, there was a slight malfunction in the automatic gifting feature, preventing me from placing this flip on automatic. Knowing this, I fully intented on logging on a few minutes before the flip and be ready to manually make my gift and thus securing my spot.
To make a long story short, I was about 10 minutes late in logging on and missed my turn, allowing other members to jumped ahead of me. The automatic feature was back however and I was able to set it, hopping for the best though not holding my breath at getting the 3 expected gifts anymore.

The results?
I still got 2 gifts for that round, or $200, meaning that though I did not make the expected $100 profit I did come out even.

Flip'N 100 first round:
- total put in: $200    (2 @ 100)
- total received: $200 (2 @ 100)
- loss/profit:  $0

What now?
I decided to stop participating in the Flip'N 100 for the moment and concentrated on the Flip'N 40 to raise my account cash a bit. Also, there is a new Flip'N 20 opening soon, in which I will most likely participate as well. Though the profit each turn is less, the potential risk and/or loss is also less, making it more attractive overall.

This is turn (I hope) will encourage more members to participate, allowing for more participants to receive multiple gifts.

One last thing, as you may or may not know depending on how much of these posts you've actually read, ConnectingUsAll is about much more that just these Flip'N matrixes -there is a whole other system of gifting cycles that are for building sustainable, long term earning. That is where you should absolutely start when you do decide to join CUA. Start at the lowest level ($20) and move up the ladder as you cycle in each level.

Right now I am in 2 of these cycles:
- Express 20 -first level
- Imagine 20 -first level of automatic cycles that move you up levels automatically.

Happy New Year everyone.
May 2011 be everything you hope and wish for.