26 December 2008

Home office temporarily offline

I have been temporarily offline this past week to move from Texas to Colorado. What a week! Between packing the whole entire house, driving up and now unpacking, I am soooo ready to get it all settled and back to "normal," whatever that may be.

So, no worries, I'll be back in time for the new year with -hopefully- the home office up and running this coming week.

As I make the rounds of my various programs, I'll post updates on each too.

Happy New Year to ALL!! :D

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16 December 2008

Paid To Click Programs

I'm in 2 Paid To Click programs, or PTC as they are known.
Both are fre.e to get in and there is no requirement of referrals. For most of these sites, you can earn simply by clicking on ads, thus earning credits which can then be exchanged for cash or for your own advertising.

I'm playing around with these to see if I can actually make a little money... not that I expect to get rich with this, I just want some extra cash in my AlertPay account.

The first one is TakeTheGlobe, of which I've written before. That's the blue stats box that I post occasionally. I did get a package of 10 referrals on this one, to make things move faster. You can refer to previous blog entries for more on that one.
BTW, I'm up to $45+ earning now.

The one I really want to mention today is Click For A Buck. You get from $1-5 per ad viewing. Pay out is at $5,000 with Paypal and $10,000 with AlertPay. The person who referred me on this got paid $1,000+, so I decided to give it a try. Why not, right?

My current stats are: $2,009
A little ways to go still. I prefer Alertpay so I may hold out until the $10,000.

Ok now, my understanding is that these dollar amount do not translate into the same actual dollars paid out. You get a portion of that. They just assign the "credit" with a $ sign -a bit misleading if you will, though certainly sweetening the attraction.

PTC programs are not what I want to do in the long run. They're fine for now, and way too time consuming for me, though they do offer some fre.e advertising for your own opportunities to get started in the world of online marketing.

Check out each through the title links above and see for yourself.
As for me, gotta go click ads... ;)

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14 December 2008

Payments Coming In!

I am in the final home stretch of packing up the house. I am moving on the 23rd of this month, which means I'll be moving in on Christmas! The 24th and 25th are going to be all about unpacking and getting settled in. :D

The second week of the month is payment time for most program, for earnings from the previous month, so several things rolled in.

WorkFor3Dollars sent payment in. I've got it set to $10 accumulation before getting paid right now, to minimize transfer fees.

This one keeps steadily growing. If you are still unfamiliar with it, I suggest you go check this squidoo lens I put together for my team.

Social network Yuwie sent in a little something for Christmas too... nothing to write home about for now, and then again, got to start somewhere, right?

This one gives you credits for playing around the social network and bringing in referrals, and credits for everything your referrals do 10 levels deep. Oh, and yes, it's all FR.EE. The money comes in from site advertising.

Set up a profile and get started meeting people:

--> Yuywie Social Network That Pays

Squidoo shares advertising revenue also according to how much traffic your lens get.
I'm still in the penny earning category with this one, but what interests me most here is having a webpage that I can market my programs with.

Sign up and start creating pages about anything that interests you:

--> Become a Squidoo Lensmaster

I'll post more soon about the Residual Income and PTC programs I participate in.

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07 December 2008

Take The Globe PTC site update

I have requested my first payout for TakeThe Globe site.

I am #2254 in line to be paid, with an estimated date of 6 Jan 09.
I plan on buying a referral package with that payment to accelerate earnings. I'll let you know.

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05 December 2008

New WF3D Sign Ups

More WorkFor3Dollar sign ups!! Yeah!

This little program is really taking off lately. Another 6 members to welcome to the team in the last couple of days. Loving it!

Consider what YOU can do with your $3.40. Join our team. It's fun and I'm telling you, it is really exciting to see "new member" messages in your email box. :D

See thus page for details: WorkFor3Dollars

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02 December 2008

WF3D New Sign Ups

I'm getting to really like this little WorkFor3Dollar program. 2 new sign ups today.

I've updated my squidoo lens with the names from my own branch of the team, and a more direct note of the Forced Matrix aspect of WF3D and why I am promoting it this way.

Some sites place the link of each member on their page, giving newcomers a choice through which ones they'd like to sign up, which is great in one sense, though the drawback is that some branches of the team grow while others remain stagnant.

This way, anyone signing up on my page comes through one link and are automatically placed in the first available spot going down the matrix. The entire team moves forward, with no spots remaining empty.

I encourage everyone to do the same, with their own link, with whichever format they choose for their own advertising and getting the word out. Social networks are great for that.

So, if you have yet to see what I am talking about, hop over to Work From Home - Retire on $3 and read through the information, then choose for yourself what actions to take.

All the best...

... and all the way to $2 Millions!!!

Come on, I know you want to come along. ;)

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01 December 2008

Take The Globe PTC site update

I mentioned last time I would post the new stats, so here they are.

A Gift For You; $97 worth of
Instant FR.EE Downloads