14 December 2008

Payments Coming In!

I am in the final home stretch of packing up the house. I am moving on the 23rd of this month, which means I'll be moving in on Christmas! The 24th and 25th are going to be all about unpacking and getting settled in. :D

The second week of the month is payment time for most program, for earnings from the previous month, so several things rolled in.

WorkFor3Dollars sent payment in. I've got it set to $10 accumulation before getting paid right now, to minimize transfer fees.

This one keeps steadily growing. If you are still unfamiliar with it, I suggest you go check this squidoo lens I put together for my team.

Social network Yuwie sent in a little something for Christmas too... nothing to write home about for now, and then again, got to start somewhere, right?

This one gives you credits for playing around the social network and bringing in referrals, and credits for everything your referrals do 10 levels deep. Oh, and yes, it's all FR.EE. The money comes in from site advertising.

Set up a profile and get started meeting people:

--> Yuywie Social Network That Pays

Squidoo shares advertising revenue also according to how much traffic your lens get.
I'm still in the penny earning category with this one, but what interests me most here is having a webpage that I can market my programs with.

Sign up and start creating pages about anything that interests you:

--> Become a Squidoo Lensmaster

I'll post more soon about the Residual Income and PTC programs I participate in.

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