31 July 2012

Monday Morning

Well, it's Monday ... and time for some updates on the online virtual world.
Actually, it is now Tuesday, and the post I started yesteday is still in draft, waiting for me to finish it ... which I will be now doing.

JustBeenPaid - JSS-Tripler
Hmm, it feels like ages since I've checked on this one. I've had a buzy couple of weeks ...
So the re-start finally happened ... I went from 113 Tripler positions to 29.
With repurchasing, I have 49 Tripler positions at this moment.
This also means from over $20 daily earnings, I am back at $9 daily earning.

Allright, where does this leave me?
Actually, I have several hundreds dollars in my ewallet right now, and thinking I should withdraw a bit, you know, just for the fun of it.

I don't see any new JSS matrix positions yet, but considering they were late with that before the re-start, there's no telling how long it will take before these new ones show up.

Right then, since AlertPay went to Payza and now this new eGo pay or something, I guess I do have some catching up to do.

I just bought my TAP2.1 position!!!! Yeah!
That means from now on, I am withdrawing a portion of what falls into the cash ewallet. I have not decided what percentage yet, so maybe 50%, maybe more maybe less. Will let you know when I decide.
In the mean time, pretty exciting place to be in.

There's a few new things on the horizon for this program, which keep getting hinted at in updates, such as this one:
[...] after the genesis project launches, you will have 3 income centers, 5 businesses, the best marketing platform built specifically for us, and a few other surprises I don’t want to spoil. Let’s suffice to say, you will love hanging out at our website…..hint, hint. 
ok, no idea, but will let you know once again.

This one is going waaayyyy slowwwwer than expected, or was being let on when they started out.
I really thought it would go a lot faster.
No matter, as long as it moves forward, right?

My highest grid is still at level 4.
Meanwhile, I seem to accumulate quite the number of Level 1 grids.

Quick note of this one: now past the 500 VIP points.

Right, now I'm off to withdraw some cash. :)

17 July 2012

Happy Bastille Day

Happy Bastille Day!

Rue Montorgueil, Paris
Festival of 30 June 1878
by Claude Monet

For more information about this holiday, see Wiki page.

Let's see what good news we have on this day.

JustBeenPaid - JSS-Tripler
The Re-Start is on!!!... well, sometime within the next 2 weeks.

Wow, it's been a while coming - 100 days actually since the last.
The cut-off date is the 16th, meaning any positions bought from then on will NOT be affected by the re-start.

The account cut-off is July 30th, meaning if you are opening an account between now and then, whatever you do will NOT be affected by the re-start either.

I am actually ready for this. It usually means several matrices cycling and earnings in the account, so it's all good for me.

I just logged on and bought TAP1.11 - which means only one to go to have all 12 TAPs at this Level 1.
I will buy the first TAP at Level 2, and then will start withdrawing earnings that land in my ewallet.

So far I have been using all earnings to climb up through all 12 steps of Level 1.
Each TAP cycles every 10 days for 12 cycles before retiring.
They are 12 steps per level, and 5 Levels. Cost and earnings increase progressively each level, though remain the same for each step on any particular level.

I've got a whole post giving specific details on this program. See "Program Details" here or tab above for post link.

They've got a new Stats page what is AWESOME!
It's a whole lot easier to read and get specific details about our account than what was on before.

So now I can take a quick look and see that one of my positions has progressed to Grid 4! Yeah!
That's when the returns becomes more interesting.

So far I've used $18 of my initial fund and have earned $17, so I'm just about even.
Pretty happy the way this one is progressing. Would not mind a little quicker for sure (who wouldn't), but can't complain.

I will only withdraw once a grid makes it through all 6 levels and matures.

Last but not least ...
I recently had 90 VIP points retire, so fell back a little in my total and I am slightly below the 500 mark. That's ok, that's how the system works. Besides, with the daily VIP point earnings, it's always a steady progression upward anyway.

I've decided to let it accumulate through the summer and see how many VIP points I get by the end of August. Then I'll decide how far I want to go before starting withdrawing a percentage (probably 15-20%).

That's it for the news on this end.

11 July 2012

Hump Day And The Rounds

Happy Hump Day as we used to say in my house on Wed.
After three days of mostly non-stop rain, it was beautiful today so I mowed the grass this morning. It's going to be hot again the rest of this week.

On to the news.

JustBeenPaid - JBP
They are processing the weekend's earnings, combining Saturday, Sunday and Monday (up to 5%) and Tuesday (2%).
Placements of JSS-Triplers are behind about 8 hrs.
My last posted earnings were this past Friday.

Server updates are completed and the site is working as it should. They are still updating some of the scripts thoug so grid views are currently unavailable.

I have now passed the 500 VIP points! Yeah!
My daily earnings is also now reaching 10 VIP point.

A message from admin states that you now must withdraw at least the same amount that you deposited through whatever processor you used.
Let's make that a little more clear, shall we?

Say you deposit $500 with STP.
When you are ready to withdraw, you will only be able to withdraw through STP until you reach $500 withdrawn, afterwhich all other payment forms will become available.

This is to protect the program from too much in one account and too much out of another account. I balances things out a bit and makes perfect sense to me.

I had one TAP cycle today, with several scheduled to do so between tomorrow and the rest of the week, which should bring  me up to TAP1.10

Ok, that's about it.

Cheers everyone-

06 July 2012

Fireworks and Matrix Cycling

I hope you had a most wonderful 4th of July celebration this week. Despite fire dangers and drought, we did have smaller fireworks, which was just perfect. People had a chance to gather in appreciation of what we do have in this country, watch a light show and hear great music, as well as the traditional fireworks.

After three days of hiking, bicycling and generally staying away from the computer, I am back on going through emails and checking in on sites, where I see several cycling and maturing of matrices. Yeah.

JBP - JSS-Tripler
I've had 3 matrices cycles since my last cash withdrawal, so it's time for another. I'll see if I can catch the right time to do that.
News is they are running a little late on Daily Earning Payouts because of tremendous growth and optimization of the payout system. My last earnings posting was on the 4th, so Th. is missing still.
I'm not worried.

Posting daily ads and earning VIP points. The last few days I am up to 8 and 9 per day earnings.
I bought another 30 Bids tonight, so hopefully I'll get past the 10 VIP daily earnings.

The general advice from my upline is to build your VIP points to at least 1000 before starting to withdraw or change your 100% compounding.
The best thing is to set a goal. Once that goal is reached, start with 15% up to 20% cash out on your daily earnings. This will ensure that your points continue to grow at a steady rate.

Just got TAP1.9 yesterday from earnings.

Very happy with the way this one is getting on this early on.
I have 1 subscription and plan on leaving it at that for now.
My stats: (L=Level)
- # of Completed Grids:
L1 - 3
L2 - 1
- # of Currently Opened Grids:
L1 - 7
L2 - 2
L3 - 1
So I'm up to Level 3 already.
I did buy 1 one time Ads position with some of the earnings a couple days ago and will continue to do so with funds landing in that particular re-purchasing ewallet.

Earnings are 75% cash out and 25% re-purchase.
Since each $1 ends with about $500, and 75% of that is $375, I figure that for each position that matures out of Level 6, I can cash out $375 in one lump.
Sounds like a good way to approach this program.
As you see in the stats above, 1 position has reached L3 ... a little more to go. :p


01 July 2012

Summer And A WhirlWind Program

It's high time for an update, wouldn't you say?
I did not realize it had been this long, though in my defense, I'm on summer vacation and taking advantage of that less structured schedule for more drawing and bicycle riding.

All right, let's just make our way down the sites.

JBP - JSS-Tripler
- Still chugging along. I've got close to 200 Tripler positions now. Not sure whatever happened to the re-start but I guess I'll keep buying and letting them mature into the matrix.
- And speaking of, the admin is about 2-3 month behind on filling the matrix. No wonder, I keep getting these emails about my Triplers being placed into JSS and when I go check, nothing has changed.
At least the admin keeps us posted on these things.
- The traffic exchange has been added and is not mandatory yet ... this is not a change I look forward to. I highly dislike having to "surf" or "view" ads and stay away from those sites. That's one of the things I liked about JBP. Oh well.

I have now passed the 400 VIP points. My highest daily earning just hit 8 VIP points, so things are looking good.
I did miss a couple days here and there, though I try to keep up and do pretty good. Obviously being regular about daily postings does maximizes earnings.

My goal is still to get to 500 VIP points before considering changing the 100% compounding and start earning cash. I'll let you know what I decide once I get there.

I'm on TAP1.7 of 12. Earnings should post either today or tomorrow for a couple TAPs, which should also automatically get me to TAP1.8
Progressing nicely.
You can more details on these previous post:

And now, the new program:

It reminds me a little of W4At above, in that it works automatically, on its own, once you're in -my favorite kinds of programs.

the link: http://www.unstoppablewhirlwind.com/?greentree00

Here's the quick run down from their front page:
- Over $500 of potential earnings from every $1 ad you purchase.
- You $1 daily ad subscription accesses powerful daily advertisement.
- You earn each time you 2x2 grid is filled in 6 different WhirlWind phases.
- Sponsoring does not fill your 2x2, therefore not required to earn.
- 75% cash out: 25% re-purchase standard to put you in more cycling.
- Over $50 in sponsoring bonuses are awarded throughout the 6 phases.
- You can fund your ewallet with Payza (AlertPay) or SolidTrustPay.

Here's what that means, in practical terms:

I filled my ewallet with $30 to start and bought 1 $1 daily subscrition.
- that means each day, $1 buys 1 position into a 2x2.
- if your funds run out, you loose all your positions, so be sure to check in once in a while. Once you accumulate earnings that will not be a problem anymore.

Your 2x2 does not depend on you to cycle. These are company wide, so once you get that subscrition started, just let it run on its own. Brilliant.
You can get as many subscritions as you want, just remember each is $1 daily. Subscritions cannot be deleted either, so pay attention when you're signing up.

Each grid position will go through 6 phases, automatically progressing up the line with each grid cycle.

So, Phase 1 cycling will pay you and advance you into Phase 2.
Phases 2 through 6 will cycle and:
- advance into the next Phase
- pay you
- pay your sponsor
- and buy a company position into Phase 1, thus ensuring the livelyhood of the program.

I've been in 4 days.
I grid has cycled after 2 days and moved to Phase 2.
I have 5 Phase 1 positions.

Ok, I'll do a UnstoppableWhirlWind specific post later one with step by step.

click on the link and take a look at the front page. It's a really straighforward and simple program.