23 November 2009

First Day of Holiday Season

Today could be viewed as the official first day of the Holiday Season, being Monday of Thanksgiving week. Which only means it gets progressively crazier as we near the end of the year.

Oh well, I guess it's part of the whole experience.


Things are moving along for our TVI Team. The entire system is conceived to move at a good pace to get members into TVI and earning the big dollars.

Get in and work on getting 2 referrals. If this does not happen within 2 weeks, then go ahead and purchase 2 referrals so as not to stall the team moving forward. If after that you do happen to bring people in, then great, they'll benefit someone else down your team and you by default. Everybody wins.

Seriously give it some thought and get in TVI now.

More earnings coming my way in NineLevels. It's automatic each Tuesday for any account over $5.
Quick recap: it takes $9.99 to get in, giving you a Profit Sharing earning of 150% back on that investment, AND, commission earnings from the matrix.

Ok, let's do the math.
You spend $9.99 and get 150% back, or $15.
That means you're actually being paid $5 to come participate in this program.
On top of that, you can now make over $24K from matrix commission.

Repeat as desired.
Not bad at all.

FYI, I have been paid several times and now have 4 matrix positions.
Come in under me you are guaranteed spillover. For each 150% return, I purchase another matrix position. Do the same and you'll see that earning grow.

A new Speed Line is open for The Power of 5 cycler.
You can get in for $5 and quickly cycle into the Earth element, or first line.

This Speed Line is opened every few days to enable new people to come in or members to re-enter at the base level and help move the lines through. As a member you can also enter any line at any time if you wish.

I've now cycled from Earth to Water Element (1st to 2nd).
Once I cycle through this 2nd element, I'll receive a payment and an entry into the next level.

Moving through nicely so far. Each time I get a payment, I'll re-enter the Speed Line, keeping a profit each time and getting myself back into the game for more payments.

Well, it's Monday and I have some surfing to do, so... Have a great day!

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17 November 2009

Re-Organizing and More

Backoffice re-organizing is happening for YouAintSeenNothingYet. A few more details to implements and these guys are done. It's looking good and will help members move faster through each cycles and into higher levels. I do think these changes will be very good for the program.
If you are not in yet, I suggest you get one position. The admin has just launch a huge advertising campain, so existing members are sure to see results.

Getting ever so closer to that Silver matrix in Tagoldmine... This one is completely hands-free, which I love. Got paid already from my first Bronze cycle. This re-entry Bronze will pay my way into the Silver matrix and give me a re-entry into the Bronze. Next, I get to cycle one in each and so on. Pretty good set up.

Well, are you in TVI yet? No? Why not?
I realize there are a lot of TVI teams out there, and you should certainly do your own research and join the one you feel fits you best. I made my choice and I'm sticking to it.
Get in, get 2 or buy 2 and that's it.
Then help the entire team by promoting. The good thing is that no matter what, everyone moves forward and into TVI. Again, good deal for all members.

3WaveCycler now has personal referral link, which earns you for bringing referrals in. This is still a team build, however. These referrals are channeled down into the next available spot, you just happen to get a reward for bringing that person in.

So far I've gotten 5 re-entries into the first wave.

What a gorgeous day! Let's get out and enjoy it. :)

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14 November 2009

Automation In Place For TVI

The automation process for TVI continues.
There is now a refund system in place for people who pay the $37 but never complete the registration process. Now why would you do that, I don't know.
Most often it's people who do not get the confirmation email. If that happens, simple send in a support ticket and they will take care of it. Don't loose your spot in the matrix.

This team is moving forward very nicely with people cycling daily into TVI.

Here's the link again: Get In TVI Now!

2 referrals is all you need, and you can purchase those if you are having trouble bringing people in. For anything over 2, they will trickle down your matrix into the next awaiting purchased referral spot, so most certainly you'll want to continue advertising and make your entire matrix move forward that much faster.

For the rest, the admin has a lot of advertising out as well, and those trickle in from the top down, again into next available purchased referral spot.

I really like that this works for anyone, regardless of experience.

Anyway, do check it out.

Went for a 2 hour hike up at about 9,000ft yesterday morning. Cool and crispy mountain air, great for clearing out your head and lungs. The view with clouds moving through was absolutely amazing. Wonderful morning for sure.

The cycler YouAintSeenNothingYet is re-working their script to make people cycle faster.
Basically, every time you cycle at any level, you get an entry into the next level -that stays the same. What changes is that the re-entries are now back into the first level, thus pushing people upwards faster.

I think it's a positive move and will indeed make the line go faster for all members.
They are getting close to finalizing it all and will have to shut down signups for a few hours at that time. Everyone is placed accoring to sign up time stamp to be fair to all.

60% of snow today! :D

10 November 2009

It's Here It's Here

The moment we've been waiting for!

The TVI Global Assit Team is all automated.

Here is my link: Let's Get In TVI Together

(or see banner on top right column)

This group is pushing people through to TVI and the $10,000 a month faster than any other team.

Get in for only $37, instead of the $250, and get 2 referrals.
Can't get two? No problem, just buy 2 and you're good to go.

Then relax and watch your position move up and into TVI.

This is real folks. I for one am very excited about this.

There are several strategies to multiply your income, depending on what you can do and what you desire in the end.
You can get the one position, get 2 or buy 2, and be done.
You will move up into TVI in a relatively short time.

The only thing to consider is that only 2 referrals can be bought by any one PERSON, not position. So regardless to how many position into the $37 matrix you purchase, you can only buy 2 referrals. The reason here is to spread it out to as many people as possible and cycle as many as fast as possible into TVI for the higher income.

So, for the following strategy, you must keep that detail in mind.

Many are doing this:
Purchase position #1.
Through the #1 link, purchase two more: #2 and #3.

Now position #1 has 2 referrals and is done.

Positions #2 and #3 each need 2 for a total of 4 referrals.
You can get all 4 yourself, or you can purchase 2 and get 2.
Regardless, you will have to get a minimum of 2 yourself.

If you can do this, it will triple your income through the matrix and later in into TVI.
Instead of making $10,000 a month, you'll be making 3 times that.
But you must be sure to get your referrals, so as not to slow down the process for your team.

Now what happens if you get more than 2?
That's where all the purchased referrals come from.
Anymore than 2 and the Team pays you for them and places them where needed, again, to advance as many as quickly as possible.

So even once you are essentially done, do continue to advertise.
You will earn for each referrals and help everyone move on.

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09 November 2009

TVI Team Automated

The TVI Team I joined a few days ago is now completely automated. Yeah!
I am learning the ropes on this one so stay tuned for my personal link and banners...

Time for the daily rounds...

Get in 3Wavecycler. This is a team link -there is no personal referral links in this cycler, so everyone benefits from everyone's effort.
I already have 2 re-entries from my 1 original position. It's moving at a pretty good pace. Do check it out. For only one time $5, you get repeating $25 earnings each time you complete a 3 wave cycle.
Like I said, working really well for me so far.

YouAintSeenNothingYet is reworking their script to make members cycle faster. From what I could make from the update, they are concentrating on cycling from the first cycle and bringing re-entries into this same first cycle to push more people up the line. I'll keep an eye on it and let you know when I do cycle.

Still think NineLevels is one of the best small investment programs to get into.
All positions bought come back 150%, so there is no out of pockect to speak of. Just get your first matrix position at $9.99 and get $15 back. Once you have $10 in, get another matrix position and keep with that strategy and you will never have to pay anymore than that first one.
AND, since these are matrix positions, you automatically earn commissions there too.

Do you see it?
Because if you do, there should be nothing holding you back.

Ok, gotta do some of my surfing today. It's a new week. PayItForwardTraffic is done, now for the rest. Not very exciting I know, but hey, I get to advertise my other programs and earn a bit along the way too.

Something I don't talk about very much because it did originally start as a TeamBuild, though members do also advertise their own link, and that is Fortune5Minutes.

This one has been around for a very long time. Another very high quality program with high quality admin behind it. Their reputation is very rare in this online busines world. They have been paying daily FOR THE PAST 10 YEARS!!!
Now how many programs do you know can make that claim?

There is a lot to this program, with several increasingly higher cycles to enter, so don't worry about understanding the whole thing.
Best thing is to check out the first couple of steps to see if this is something you'd like to get into.

Right then.
Need to get my winter tires on the car today.
Have a great one.

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05 November 2009

Things Are Moving Along

Things are moving along and it feels wonderful!

First, NewWavePowerMarketing is about go on a major launch.
It's a small 4x4 matrix that will bring you over $1,000 per position per month. Not bad at all.
Moreover, each month the matrix is compressed to get rid of empty positions.

Their secondary program is a smaller 3x1 cycler matrix that is currently being offered to NWPM members only, and will soon be open to all.

I got in 2 days ago and have already cycled out of the 1st wave, got a re-entry into the 1st and one into the 2nd. There are 3 waves to go through. At the end of the 3rd, you get 5 re-entries into 1st wave and pocket a profit. This goes on indefinitively.

Can't give you a link to this one yet... but, you can get into NewWavePowerMarketing and then you'll automatically receive it.

Checking up on my Tagoldmine program, I see I now have 2 referrals into my 2nd Bronze matrix. This can be totally passive or you can recruit and move faster. Either way, you earn with automatic payments sent to you.

Gotta love it. :D

I'm telling you, things are feeling pretty good right now.
Finally, I have a group of sound, reliable programs that move along mostly of their on. Some go faster, some go slower. The speed is irrelevent here because I know that they are all MOVING FORWARD, and that is the important part.

Oh yes, TVI is going through its automation process right now too.
Up to now it has been manual, taking time.
This is a chance to get in for $37 instead of the $250, so you can bet I jumped on it.
Go to this post for TVI details.

People are reporting making $10,000 a month with this one. So for one time $37, I'll take my chances.
There are lots of different teams out there putting programs together to help people get in with a lower out-of-pocket. Of all the ones I've seen, this one struck me as the best. See for yourself.

Till next time.

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03 November 2009

Back to Fall

Looks like we are back to Fall weather today, with most of the snow gone -except my snowman in the backyard! He, he. Well, he's more of a big stump right now, but still, makes me smile when I look out there and see him still standing.

I joined YouAintSeenNothingYet a couple week ago or so and just upgraded into the first line. It's a line type cycler about to launch, so I thought, why not?

Speaking of cyclers, I went from the Speed Line into the first Element Earth Line in The Power of Five cycler. The Speed Line is open again if you want to check it out. It's only $5 and will cycle you into the higher levels. That first Element Earth will return $10 upon cycling.

I also cycled with Tagoldmine this past week. As I said before, this gives me a re-entry into the Bronze level. It does not give me a position into the Silver level yet, as I mistakenly said in my post a couple days ago.
Rather, the 2nd cycle on any one level gives you a position into the next level. So, I have to wait until I cycle again in the Bronze to get a Silver level position. Got it? Sorry for the confusion here. Anyway, the important thing to take away here is that I did cycle and automatically received earnings into my payment processor.

Did you read my last post about TVI? No? Then you better go check it out.

Ooh, the sun just came out from behind the clouds. Beautiful!

NewWavePowerMarketing is about to launch. I already have a downline. This is a forced matrix and will be compressed every month, meaning no empty spots. Check it out, it might be worth your time.
There will be spillover from upline marketing and company wide marketing.

Ok, that's plenty for today.

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