09 November 2009

TVI Team Automated

The TVI Team I joined a few days ago is now completely automated. Yeah!
I am learning the ropes on this one so stay tuned for my personal link and banners...

Time for the daily rounds...

Get in 3Wavecycler. This is a team link -there is no personal referral links in this cycler, so everyone benefits from everyone's effort.
I already have 2 re-entries from my 1 original position. It's moving at a pretty good pace. Do check it out. For only one time $5, you get repeating $25 earnings each time you complete a 3 wave cycle.
Like I said, working really well for me so far.

YouAintSeenNothingYet is reworking their script to make members cycle faster. From what I could make from the update, they are concentrating on cycling from the first cycle and bringing re-entries into this same first cycle to push more people up the line. I'll keep an eye on it and let you know when I do cycle.

Still think NineLevels is one of the best small investment programs to get into.
All positions bought come back 150%, so there is no out of pockect to speak of. Just get your first matrix position at $9.99 and get $15 back. Once you have $10 in, get another matrix position and keep with that strategy and you will never have to pay anymore than that first one.
AND, since these are matrix positions, you automatically earn commissions there too.

Do you see it?
Because if you do, there should be nothing holding you back.

Ok, gotta do some of my surfing today. It's a new week. PayItForwardTraffic is done, now for the rest. Not very exciting I know, but hey, I get to advertise my other programs and earn a bit along the way too.

Something I don't talk about very much because it did originally start as a TeamBuild, though members do also advertise their own link, and that is Fortune5Minutes.

This one has been around for a very long time. Another very high quality program with high quality admin behind it. Their reputation is very rare in this online busines world. They have been paying daily FOR THE PAST 10 YEARS!!!
Now how many programs do you know can make that claim?

There is a lot to this program, with several increasingly higher cycles to enter, so don't worry about understanding the whole thing.
Best thing is to check out the first couple of steps to see if this is something you'd like to get into.

Right then.
Need to get my winter tires on the car today.
Have a great one.

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