17 November 2009

Re-Organizing and More

Backoffice re-organizing is happening for YouAintSeenNothingYet. A few more details to implements and these guys are done. It's looking good and will help members move faster through each cycles and into higher levels. I do think these changes will be very good for the program.
If you are not in yet, I suggest you get one position. The admin has just launch a huge advertising campain, so existing members are sure to see results.

Getting ever so closer to that Silver matrix in Tagoldmine... This one is completely hands-free, which I love. Got paid already from my first Bronze cycle. This re-entry Bronze will pay my way into the Silver matrix and give me a re-entry into the Bronze. Next, I get to cycle one in each and so on. Pretty good set up.

Well, are you in TVI yet? No? Why not?
I realize there are a lot of TVI teams out there, and you should certainly do your own research and join the one you feel fits you best. I made my choice and I'm sticking to it.
Get in, get 2 or buy 2 and that's it.
Then help the entire team by promoting. The good thing is that no matter what, everyone moves forward and into TVI. Again, good deal for all members.

3WaveCycler now has personal referral link, which earns you for bringing referrals in. This is still a team build, however. These referrals are channeled down into the next available spot, you just happen to get a reward for bringing that person in.

So far I've gotten 5 re-entries into the first wave.

What a gorgeous day! Let's get out and enjoy it. :)

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