14 November 2009

Automation In Place For TVI

The automation process for TVI continues.
There is now a refund system in place for people who pay the $37 but never complete the registration process. Now why would you do that, I don't know.
Most often it's people who do not get the confirmation email. If that happens, simple send in a support ticket and they will take care of it. Don't loose your spot in the matrix.

This team is moving forward very nicely with people cycling daily into TVI.

Here's the link again: Get In TVI Now!

2 referrals is all you need, and you can purchase those if you are having trouble bringing people in. For anything over 2, they will trickle down your matrix into the next awaiting purchased referral spot, so most certainly you'll want to continue advertising and make your entire matrix move forward that much faster.

For the rest, the admin has a lot of advertising out as well, and those trickle in from the top down, again into next available purchased referral spot.

I really like that this works for anyone, regardless of experience.

Anyway, do check it out.

Went for a 2 hour hike up at about 9,000ft yesterday morning. Cool and crispy mountain air, great for clearing out your head and lungs. The view with clouds moving through was absolutely amazing. Wonderful morning for sure.

The cycler YouAintSeenNothingYet is re-working their script to make people cycle faster.
Basically, every time you cycle at any level, you get an entry into the next level -that stays the same. What changes is that the re-entries are now back into the first level, thus pushing people upwards faster.

I think it's a positive move and will indeed make the line go faster for all members.
They are getting close to finalizing it all and will have to shut down signups for a few hours at that time. Everyone is placed accoring to sign up time stamp to be fair to all.

60% of snow today! :D

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