24 May 2010

One Thing That's Working

One thing that's working right now, amidst passive programs dropping the ball, is JustBeenPaid, with referrals coming in.

Consider this little bit of information from the back office:

Why is JBP so popular? Because it solves the problem of the 98% or so of wannabe online moneymakers who typically enjoy little or no success. It solves their problem because they can buy downline members starting at a cost of just $5 each.

When new members upgrade they pay $5 to JBP Admin and $15 to a Sponsor. Immediately after the $5 has been paid, the referral allocation algorithm decides who the Sponsor should be. This mechanism is powerful.

It effectively means that when you buy a downline member, you don't buy someone who has just promised to upgrade, but an "upgrader" who has started the upgrade process by paying $5 to JBP Admin. It's like someone who puts down a $25 down payment for a house. He or she is more likely to follow through and buy the house, than someone who has just promised to buy a house. So the person you buy is more likely to follow through and pay you your $15.

So the JBP structure enables you to build a quality downline without any sponsoring requirements.

If this makes sense to you, then click on that link, sign up and upgrade right now. Get started on the process. Purchase your first 2 referrals as soon as you can.

--> JustBeenPaid

Be as Passive or as Active as you want -it will work either way. It simply a matter of choosing how fast you want it to work...

And if you'll look back at my last post, you'll see you can now get your first upgrade for just half price.

See you soon.

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19 May 2010

Just Been Paid For Half Price

I'm looking at the calendar and figure that in about another week it will be safe to get my veggies in the ground! yeah! There all growing nicely on the kitchen counter for the moment -I just don't want to take a chance at them freezing if I plant them too early.

Other than that...

Two Great Programs to seriously consider, if you're not already in them:

Good news from the JustBeenPaid admin: referrals can now upgrade for half price once signed up. So if you've been on the fence about this, half price is a great way to get in and get your spot secured. As soon as that's done, you'll still want to purchase a couple referrals right away and start promoting your link, this way you can assure having a downline in place by the time the second payment comes due, 3 month later.

KashKwik is moving along great too. The membership keeps growing and I see people cycling everyday. You can refer back to the last couple of post about this program. Let me just quickly remind you that the entire membership will double each month, instantly pushing a tremendous number of position through into earnings.

I think we can pretty much say that NextGenMarket is gone... too bad really, it was a good program. Any word from the admin would sure have been nice too. My cash request has been pending for a week now... not holding my breath.

Another one who bit the dust before even taking off is Chokomoney. Not sure what happened here either. Last update from admin was very upbeat about all the new members... maybe he decided it was more profitable to pocket the money and shut things down.

That's how these kinds of programs go I guess.

Even though I don't talk about NineLevels much anymore, this is also another program that is within reach of anyone wanting to do something online, with little to no experience necessary.
Each position bought comes back 150% as profit sharing, thus paying for itself and more, and is placed in a forced matrix, earning on that end as well.
Builds over time. Your approach can range from totally passive to very active, however you wish it to be.

that's the news for today.

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12 May 2010

Winter In May?

What's with the snow? Seriously? I thought we were done with all that...

Some things doing great and some things no so much. In other words, everything is normal. ;p

Not so well: NextGenMarket. I see a lot of negative comments on payments not being processed and admin not answering support tickets, so I would hold off on this one until things get cleared up. I've asked for a payment myself, and will let you know if that comes through.

Doing GREAT!
The straight liner KashKwik is a great programs to get involved right now. Things are moving along with a growing daily membership and people cycling through. Referrals are also coming in -thanks guys. Get your spot in this one. Start with just one if you want, and let it do its thing.

Found a new passive income through a friend called ChokoMoney. So far so good. The admin is very happy with the growing membership and payments are being made. I suggest making an initial spent and taking a little bit out each time.

I'm looking at a couple more passive income -coming next.

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08 May 2010

More On KashKwik

I introduced KashKwik on my last post with the fact that I had already cycled.

I wanted to give a little more details, and tell you why NOW is a great time to get in...

Last I checked a few seconds ago, the membership was at 3230. There is a contest underway to push that to 5000 as quickly as possible, with great cash prizes as incentives for the top referrers. All great and believe it or not, the prizes are not my main focus in telling you this.

Here's the real reason you should jump in ASAP:
Think about it, another 2000+ members will be coming in through site and member advertising and word of mouth. This will effectively push through a lot of position into cycling and earnings. Not only that, but each position that cycles is also re-entered at the bottom of the line, giving yet another push forward into cycling positions.

This is endless.
One bought position earns FOREVER. Each time it cycles, it is re-entered at the bottom and goes through the line again, cycling (i.e. getting paid), then re-entered again and again and again.

Each month members receive an additional paying position through their subscription fee, which DOUBLES the entire membership, translating into, you guessed it, more positions, more cycling, more re-entry, more people getting instant payments. Again, endlessly cycling through over and over.

You see my point?
Get in.

See you in KashKwik soon.  :)

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06 May 2010

Nice Day At Home

It's nice to have a quiet day at home once in a while, particularly since the past couple of weeks have been really busy. I'll be catching up on administrative stuff today, and might even have time to do some art! It's a good day.

New: KashKwik  --  I cycled and got paid already!
This is a straight line cycler. Every 4 people coming cycles 1, with that 1 also getting re-cycled back into the bottom of the line. It's still new with lots of momentum right now (over 3,000 members already), so I figured I'd give it a shot... and am I glad!

Get your spot in. The admin has lots of marketing going as well as there being some very active members doing promotion as well. It's moving.

$15 per spot brings you $25 per cycle.

Moreover, you get a matching bonus every time one of your referrals cycles, which could add up, as each time one position cycles it gets re-entered into the line.

Received a payment from Bux-Matrix, from the matrix side -remember, this one had both surfing and forced matrix. Payments are automatic, so you don't have to worry about making requests. You just get a nice little message in your email that you got paid! :D

Surfing and earnings are coming in like clockwork with NextGenMarket so far. Very easy, no hassel program. I hope it's around for a very long time.

PayItForwardTraffic has a new thing whereas you can opt out of weekly surfing... I have not had a chance to look at it yet, so I'll let you know when I know more about it. Certainly sounds like a possibility to explore.

I'm changing the referral page for JustBeenPaid. They've got several new splash pages to use and this particular one is the most recommended.
In the long run, I think this is my favorite program. Their set up is easy and effective. Anyone can do it since you can purchase your referrals, then with the 3rd and every 10th after that being passed up to your sponsor -or to you from your downling- it will grow organically.

If anyone asks, this is my first recommendation as far as long term sustainable programs go.


Cheers everyone-

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02 May 2010

House Cleaning

I've been busy doing some house cleaning today... logging on into each program or online site and checking progress, deleting what no longer works, and generally cleaning up my list. Feels pretty good.

I spoke about Team2x2 last time. It's doing its things without me and I am starting to see commissions coming in -always nice to see. Read over that last post again, I've explained how you can basically get in and set it on automatic or get as involved as you wish. Either way, sooner or later (depending on your activity), you will earn money.

I've taken the HyiFund link off for now. I've been reading about payment problems, so I don't want to take any chances that someone would come in through my link if they are not paying anymore. I've had a good run with them, so it's too bad really. That's how these hyi sites are.

During my checking of this morning, I visited NineLevels and was glad to see that the Profit Sharing is still coming in on its merry little way. Another one where you can sit back if you so choose.
I've talked about this one extensively in the past, so I'm not going to get into it today.

Still surfing, though not always on a daily basis, with Bux-Matrix and Bux.to, and about once a week or a couple times a month to retain advertising points on PayItForward and WindFallHits.

Ok, this is a quite Hey I'm back sort of post.
Talk to you soon with updates from some of the bigger programs.

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