12 May 2010

Winter In May?

What's with the snow? Seriously? I thought we were done with all that...

Some things doing great and some things no so much. In other words, everything is normal. ;p

Not so well: NextGenMarket. I see a lot of negative comments on payments not being processed and admin not answering support tickets, so I would hold off on this one until things get cleared up. I've asked for a payment myself, and will let you know if that comes through.

Doing GREAT!
The straight liner KashKwik is a great programs to get involved right now. Things are moving along with a growing daily membership and people cycling through. Referrals are also coming in -thanks guys. Get your spot in this one. Start with just one if you want, and let it do its thing.

Found a new passive income through a friend called ChokoMoney. So far so good. The admin is very happy with the growing membership and payments are being made. I suggest making an initial spent and taking a little bit out each time.

I'm looking at a couple more passive income -coming next.

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