19 May 2010

Just Been Paid For Half Price

I'm looking at the calendar and figure that in about another week it will be safe to get my veggies in the ground! yeah! There all growing nicely on the kitchen counter for the moment -I just don't want to take a chance at them freezing if I plant them too early.

Other than that...

Two Great Programs to seriously consider, if you're not already in them:

Good news from the JustBeenPaid admin: referrals can now upgrade for half price once signed up. So if you've been on the fence about this, half price is a great way to get in and get your spot secured. As soon as that's done, you'll still want to purchase a couple referrals right away and start promoting your link, this way you can assure having a downline in place by the time the second payment comes due, 3 month later.

KashKwik is moving along great too. The membership keeps growing and I see people cycling everyday. You can refer back to the last couple of post about this program. Let me just quickly remind you that the entire membership will double each month, instantly pushing a tremendous number of position through into earnings.

I think we can pretty much say that NextGenMarket is gone... too bad really, it was a good program. Any word from the admin would sure have been nice too. My cash request has been pending for a week now... not holding my breath.

Another one who bit the dust before even taking off is Chokomoney. Not sure what happened here either. Last update from admin was very upbeat about all the new members... maybe he decided it was more profitable to pocket the money and shut things down.

That's how these kinds of programs go I guess.

Even though I don't talk about NineLevels much anymore, this is also another program that is within reach of anyone wanting to do something online, with little to no experience necessary.
Each position bought comes back 150% as profit sharing, thus paying for itself and more, and is placed in a forced matrix, earning on that end as well.
Builds over time. Your approach can range from totally passive to very active, however you wish it to be.

that's the news for today.

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