24 May 2010

One Thing That's Working

One thing that's working right now, amidst passive programs dropping the ball, is JustBeenPaid, with referrals coming in.

Consider this little bit of information from the back office:

Why is JBP so popular? Because it solves the problem of the 98% or so of wannabe online moneymakers who typically enjoy little or no success. It solves their problem because they can buy downline members starting at a cost of just $5 each.

When new members upgrade they pay $5 to JBP Admin and $15 to a Sponsor. Immediately after the $5 has been paid, the referral allocation algorithm decides who the Sponsor should be. This mechanism is powerful.

It effectively means that when you buy a downline member, you don't buy someone who has just promised to upgrade, but an "upgrader" who has started the upgrade process by paying $5 to JBP Admin. It's like someone who puts down a $25 down payment for a house. He or she is more likely to follow through and buy the house, than someone who has just promised to buy a house. So the person you buy is more likely to follow through and pay you your $15.

So the JBP structure enables you to build a quality downline without any sponsoring requirements.

If this makes sense to you, then click on that link, sign up and upgrade right now. Get started on the process. Purchase your first 2 referrals as soon as you can.

--> JustBeenPaid

Be as Passive or as Active as you want -it will work either way. It simply a matter of choosing how fast you want it to work...

And if you'll look back at my last post, you'll see you can now get your first upgrade for just half price.

See you soon.

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