08 May 2010

More On KashKwik

I introduced KashKwik on my last post with the fact that I had already cycled.

I wanted to give a little more details, and tell you why NOW is a great time to get in...

Last I checked a few seconds ago, the membership was at 3230. There is a contest underway to push that to 5000 as quickly as possible, with great cash prizes as incentives for the top referrers. All great and believe it or not, the prizes are not my main focus in telling you this.

Here's the real reason you should jump in ASAP:
Think about it, another 2000+ members will be coming in through site and member advertising and word of mouth. This will effectively push through a lot of position into cycling and earnings. Not only that, but each position that cycles is also re-entered at the bottom of the line, giving yet another push forward into cycling positions.

This is endless.
One bought position earns FOREVER. Each time it cycles, it is re-entered at the bottom and goes through the line again, cycling (i.e. getting paid), then re-entered again and again and again.

Each month members receive an additional paying position through their subscription fee, which DOUBLES the entire membership, translating into, you guessed it, more positions, more cycling, more re-entry, more people getting instant payments. Again, endlessly cycling through over and over.

You see my point?
Get in.

See you in KashKwik soon.  :)

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