02 December 2008

WF3D New Sign Ups

I'm getting to really like this little WorkFor3Dollar program. 2 new sign ups today.

I've updated my squidoo lens with the names from my own branch of the team, and a more direct note of the Forced Matrix aspect of WF3D and why I am promoting it this way.

Some sites place the link of each member on their page, giving newcomers a choice through which ones they'd like to sign up, which is great in one sense, though the drawback is that some branches of the team grow while others remain stagnant.

This way, anyone signing up on my page comes through one link and are automatically placed in the first available spot going down the matrix. The entire team moves forward, with no spots remaining empty.

I encourage everyone to do the same, with their own link, with whichever format they choose for their own advertising and getting the word out. Social networks are great for that.

So, if you have yet to see what I am talking about, hop over to Work From Home - Retire on $3 and read through the information, then choose for yourself what actions to take.

All the best...

... and all the way to $2 Millions!!!

Come on, I know you want to come along. ;)

What is Residual Income Really About?

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