30 August 2009

Change Is Inevitable

Back from my camping trip feeling very refreshed by it. AMAZING hiking in the 10-11,000+ft range, right at and above tree line. Absolutely gorgeous scenery.

I came back to find out something is going on with Ad-ventures4U... not quite sure what yet. It's not all too clear so far, though the man assures us he is still here to stay and will get all this figured out and running again.
Once thing is clear and that this is no longer to be a Revenue Sharing program. They will still be advertising and daily surfing is still required. Not sure what the incentive is now, since there will not be earning from that -except off course to advertise your own program.

Ok, then. All we can do is wait and see and move on.
That's the name of the game.

All the more reason to diversify and not put all your eggs in the same basket.
Build up several programs, so you have multiple streams of income, making one loss just that, one loss.

This said, PayItForwardTraffic admin was very quick to send emails stating they are still right here and doing just fine, learning from mistakes by others. I'm dutifully doing my weekly surfing here and earning everytime. I do plan to continue adding to my adpack a few more times, then start taking out my initial investment, which I believe to be good strategy for this kind of thing.
Then I'll work out a roll and withdraw schedule that works for me. Consider doing something similar.

Just got an email from Pure2x2 that I was next in line to receive from my upline. Good news!
This is one of those program with built in measures to send referrals down to those who do not sponsor. Take a look at it. Get in free and take the time to read through the information. There's lots of it, and once you get it, you'll want to take the $5 upgrade for sure. It gets you in place to receive spillover.

You'll notice I am making an attempt at organizing the links by category.
Breaking it down this way will make it easier on the eyes to find what fits you.

Also, take a minute to call the MyTwoBestFriends number at the top and send me an email for your invitation. This is a one-of-a-kind program and you'll want to take a look. NO online advertising necessary.

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