02 September 2009

Receive Referrals For Getting On Board

Always on the look out for great deals, though not looking to get into too many other programs as the same time, I joined this one because a trusted friend sent it to me.

Sign ups are nearing the 900 right now. You'll want to hurry because the first 1000 to sign up are automatic Founding Members, and will receive referrals at launching time.

That's an automatic 2 people in your downline, earning from them from the start.

That's why I could not pass it up.

Take a look here: Hostcation
They are only accepting Founding Members until Sept 8th right now.

Ok, just wanted to get the word out fast on this one. Time is running out.

Another one I joined lately is 15adsdaily, simply because they changes their ad viewing requirement from daily to weekly, which works better for me. That way I can do anytime I want, usually in one sitting, without missing out on earnings because I skip a day or two.

I am also looking for ways to build passive income. You'll see a couple new things in that very section on the right: PacForAll and GoldNuggetInvest.
I put in the minimum for right now to see how it works. A couple emails from friends earning well on these convinced me to give it a shot.

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