10 September 2009

Getting my Weekly Surfing Done

Changed to a new template today... though I liked the darker background, it was messing me up with the colored links on other sites where I RSS feed this blog. So, back to white... oh well, it's easier that way.

What's happening everyone?

I'm getting most of my weekly surfing done within 1 or 2 days, that way I have the rest of the week free to do other things. That's the beauty of weekly requirements, rather than daily. I more than not manage to miss a day or two with the daily ones, which cuts into my earnings a little but it cannot be helped. I hope those administrations will consider going to the weekly model. After all, can people not take the weekend off? What do they expect!

Anyway, enough for that soap box.

My weekly surfings, ALL coming along wonderfully, are:
- PayItForwardTraffic
- 15adsDaily (went weekly, as per members request)
- WindFallHits

My Daily surfings are:
- AdVentures4U
- MoonDanceTraffic

Here are my recommendations. Get in a couple and build them to 20-30 ventures/adpacks, then look for a couple more and repeat the process.
As you earn, decide at what point you want to withdraw your initial investment, then work out a plan. I suggest following the 50/50 rule, so as to keep your investments growing and earning.

Now, there is one program I did not include in either category above:
- Bux-Matrix

The reason is there is no surfing requirements. Actually, this is a PTC program. You earn per ads clicked. So I log on usually once a day and click the few ads available at that time. I have lots of referrals here earning for me too, so again, no worries.

This one is a good one to get in and get some cash flow to fund the other revenue sharing programs, if that helps you get started.

I'm also looking at a couple more Passive Income sites, since my first one, PacForAll is doing so well. I'll let you know which ones I decide on when the time is right. I'm reading up on several from other online earners for the moment.

I'm very, very close to my 1,000 hits with AdvertiseToEarn... so do me a favor, click on the link for me... pretty please?
Once I get to that 1,000, I get a fr-e-e position under my first one, so it is exciting to be so close.

Check out the 2 TeamBuilds on the right. Both have now officially launched and bringing in new members. Several links are team links, so everybody's advertising efforts benefits the whole.

And last but not least, MyTwoBestFriends has added a splash page and opt-in page for the online marketer.
This program is great because it is build for that person who prefers personal contact without having to know anything about the online marketing aspect, AND, with this new splash page, is now also geared toward those who do prefer marketing through online venues.
A little bit for everyone.
I've updated the link on the right to reflect that.

Right... that's seems to be it for today.

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