26 September 2009

A Funny Thing Happened

Continuing with my organization of this site and the sister advertising page (see previous post), I have now moved a few programs into a new category: Earn with or without sponsoring.

Honestly I am not sure if this is the way to go or not -I do not mean to put down the other programs, all very deserving in their own right.

My intention is however to call out these programs that do have systems in place to benefit ALL members, not just the high achieving internet marketing experts.

And for that reason this is the best way I could think off to do this. So I'll try this for a while and see how I feel about it a little later down the line.
Do take a look at those programs listed. That's the point. They ALL have ways of benefiting YOU, whatever your skill level withing this crazy internet world. I've already received multiple payments from that category, and so can you. Ok. You make up your own mind.

A funny thing happened these past few days... a cycler that I had entered month and month ago (it's so long I don't remember when it was exactly) and effectivelly given up on for dead is now back up anc cycling!

The site had been on hold for some reason, be it server issues or other, I'm really not sure.
What's important here is that whatever it was, it's resolved and the site is back up and running.
There has been multiple cycling happening the last two days, and my position is progressively making its way up the ranks.

I am #20141.
The last to cycle this morning was #11541.
So, though a little ways to go, at the rate it's been moving, I expect to get there in a matter of days.

To know more, go to: EbizV

More revenue sharing credited to my account in NineLevels.

AdvertisetoEarn is making it's merry way up toward my next f/r/e/e position, so all good there too.

Got a big payment from PacForAll and turned right around and re-invested part of it.

And, last but not least, I joined Tagoldmine and added it to the "Earn with or without sponsoring" category. You get an automic referral added to your matrix once a week. I've just gotten my first one this week.

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