14 August 2009

Get Gifts Position On This Site

Yesterday myself and a friend rode our bikes downtown for a free outdoors concert. It was great. A good chunck of the community was there. Good energy for sure.

Let's talk a little about this AdvertisetoEarn site.

I mentioned something I call "safety net" last time, to help those with difficulties recruiting. Well, this site most certainly has plenty of those.

Here is the main idea:

- First, you get your main position for a one time $15 payment, starting you 5x5 forced matrix, which will earn you $2139.
- Off course, the trick here as we all know is that you need people coming in under you to make any money -that's how forced matrix work... and how they fail for a lot of folks also.

Here's where this is different.
- For every 1000 hits you send to your main referral link, you get a fre-e (earning) position in your own matrix.
- You can earn an additional 8 positions just by advertising. 7 positions go in your own matrix and 1 goes back via the team link to spill down into the first available spot (spillover).
- You can earn 1 more position by referring just one person, which also goes through the team link as spillover down the matrix (the referral goes into your matrix).

All this gives you a total of 1 paid position and 9 gift positions, with a total earning potention of $21,390.

How to send hits to earn these positions?
- join advertising exchange / surfing sites and other fre-e advertising venues. The backoffice will give you proper links to do just that.
- or, join the advertsing coop and earn 100 hits per day. In 10 days you have your next free position.

There is another aspect of the so called safety nets, helping ALL members succeed:
- every 3 month, members automatically purchase a new position (this can be cancelled anytime without loosing any current positions). Which not only means you are set to get another 10 position every 3 month, but you will get spillover from your upline as well, as they get their new positions in place.

So, to recap:
1. You buy 1 and get 9 gift positions by advertising (or joining the coop).
2. Team spillover is created from 2 of your 10 positions.
3. Upline spillover is created through recurring 3 month purchase from each member.
So what do you think?

For my own advertising, I have the link set up in both Adventure4U and PayItforwardTraffic exchange sites. This takes a few minutes each morning and then I go on to what I need to do. no stress.

So far, I have sent over 700 hits to my site, so just a little more and I get my first gift position! Yeah!

Do take a look. It's pretty easy to do.

Also, see new Featured program in upper right corner.

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