01 December 2010

Cycled In JSS-Warp

First, a re-cap of my first experience with JSS Systems:

In the last round, I bought 1 position in each JSS-Warp and JSS-Booster. Neither of these positions cycled and were eventually uploaded into each respective JSS system, that is the Booster position went into the main JSS and the Warp position went into Booster and then into JSS main as well.

That gives me 3 positions in the main JSS System at this moment.
Of these 3, one has 1 spot filled in its first level (you need all 6 spots to cycle), so I'm expecting and hoping that this week's rounds of JSS Systems will fill more spots so maybe one of these can cycle. Each position earns $60 upon cycling.

Today's email from JustBeenPaid tells me that of the 45 people who bought positions in the last launch, 42 had at least 1 position cycled -I must have been #43 I guess, ha ha.

Here is part of the email, regarding possible earnings:
  • JSS-Warp is designed so that about two-thirds of positions cycle fairly quickly and pay you 25% -- $40 positions pay out $50.
  • You may be able to earn the 25% repeatedly!If you buy many positions in JSS-Warp, and rebuy after cycling, the 25% you earn repeatedly can grow into big money.
  • If your positions don't cycle in JSS-Warp, they later get fed into JSS-Booster, where they pay out $60 when they cycle -- a 50% profit.
  • And if your positions don't cycle in JSS-Booster, they later get merged into JSS, where they pay out $60 when they cycle. You can guarantee your earnings by sponsoring people.
And now, the Piece de Resistance, a.k.a. positions in play:
Before setting out to write this I logged into JSS-Warp and saw that the cycling time was about 16 mn, so I thought ok, I want to get better at this little game so I'll jump in and see what happens.

My position actually cycled during the writing of this email! No kidding!!
It took 12 mn according to the purchasing and cycline time stamps.
Translating that to numbers:
purchase 1 position = - $40
cycle and earn = + $50
profit = + $10

So yes, I bought a second position. The cycling time is now 21 mn. I'll be checking back in to see.
Click on the JustBeenPaid link above and take part. This could be fun!

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