07 December 2010

Flip'N Happy

Last Friday I told you I entered the Flip'N matrix in ConnectingUsAll and that it was about Flip on its head, placing first position last and last first... well, it did.

My position moved from level 11 to level 8 and I have since received 3 gifts!

VERY Happy about my participation in this, and, it's kinda fun!

This is only the first level in the Flip'N matrix systems, with more scheduled to open up soon.
This is also only one aspect of ConnectingUsAll.

You'll want to get in and enter the first circle to get started. As this one completes and you move up the ladder, the system takes on an automatic advancement procedure, thus adding to your earnings.

Here is how I did in the first Flip'N matrix:

1. I get in and send my first gift for $40. Because I entered rather late in the game (i.e. shortly before flipping), I did not receive a gift that time. Balance: -$40

2. The matrix flips and I move from level 11 to level 8. I send in another gift for this new position of $40. Balance: -$80

3. As positions fall in from the flip (and new members come in) I receive 3 gifts of $40, or $120. Balance: +$40.

There it is folks. Full disclosure.
If I'd entered a little earlier, I might have gotten a gift of two in the first round also, thus pushing me further into profit. Regardless, I am now ahead, placing me in a very good spot for more profit the next round.
That's the name of the game. Profit grows proportionally each time.

Give it a shot. See link at beginning of this post.
See you there!

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