21 November 2010

JSS Follow Up

I told you last post that I was taking part in the JSS-Booster launch of the JustBeenPaid program... here are the results so far.

First, I bought a position in the main JSS system in order to qualify for participation in the rest.
Then I bought a position in the JSS-Booster during phase 1 of the launch.
And finally, to do this the whole way through, I also bought a position in JSS-Warp system, a quicker cycling matrix that then feeds through to the previously mentioned aspects of JSS.

None of my position cycled, unfortunately...

My JSS-Booster position was uploaded into the main JSS since it did not cycle. I just checked on it and according to its position number, there will be some spillover in the not too distant future.
My JSS-Warp position is still there and due to be cycled into JSS-Booster whenever that phase of the launch comes around in a day or so.

So, not wonderful results this time , though not a total loss either.
I now have 2 positions into the main JSS (the original and the uploaded Booster), both of which will cycle eventually as this system continues to roll around.

I think there is a game plan to this that maybe escapes me as I am learning the ropes, particularly for the JSS-Warp. It is important to get is as soon as possible when phase 1 starts, to maximise cycling. Some players (members) are indeed cycling several time with each "play." Basically, as soon as their position cycles they turn around and put a portion back in, thus multiplying positions, cycling, and return on the initial investment.
Whenever the cycling slows down and comes to a stop, all positions are uploaded from the bottom up into JSS-Booster, and the process starts over.

It is well conceived and worth the time to try it out a few times and really come to understand the best times to get in for maximum return. I'll be keeping and eye on those 2 main JSS positions and plan on rolling one back into JSS-Warp at an earlier stage of phase 1 this time.

Keep in touch for further developments.
And to get in the action yourself, check out JustBeenPaid right now.


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