22 February 2010

JustBeenPaid Updates

I am soooo ready for Spring... aren't you?

The admin at JustBeenPaid is very good about keeping the membership updated on what's happening, which I for one always appreciate.

The site is moving along very well, with new members on a daily basis.

A couple changes have been implemented regarding purchased referrals.
- The maximum is now set at 2 on the first week and 1 per week thereafter.

The reason is that the program automatically looks for people who do not yet have 2 and fills those in first. With people buying 5 per week, it leaves too many outstanding referrals for too long. This move guarantees that everyone coming in will get their first 2 in a reasonable amount of time.

The longest anyone has waited for their purchased referral was 37 days -still pretty good if you think about it. According to this, I should be getting mine by month's end.

I am all for this change. I think it will affect the program in a very positive way.
Everyone coming on board can purchase 2 referrals right away and do very well over time.
As always, it does work faster if each member also goes out and does a little promoting (or a lot). Don't just sit there and expect others to do it for you.
Nevertheless, it is nice to know that even if you were to fail miserably at bringing in new folks, you will still have your 2 and your downline will organically grow from there no matter what.

In other news... NineLevels.
I just checked on it and the Profit Sharing is growing slowly but surely.

Recommended Wining strategy:
- Purchase one position.
- Purchase 3 more (position #1's first level).
- Profit Sharing comes in at 150% per purchase.
- For every $10 in Profit Sharing, purchase another position.
- Pocket all Matrix Earnings.

Easy :)

Earnings were 1.14% at HyiFund today.
I turned off the compounding for a few days so I can make a withdrawal.

Still steadily viewing ads on Bux-Matrix and Bux.to on a (mostly) daily basis.

I'm down to 2 Revenue Sharing programs and that's enough for the time I care to invest in that activity. See side link.

A friend of mine recommended HugMoney, so I put in the minimum to try it out.
I'll be rolling that 2 or 3 times, take some out, then possible put more in for quicker returns.
Check it out if you'd like and proceed wisely.

That all for now.

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