04 February 2010

New With Feeder Program

Always on the look out for good programs with no referrals needed, a friend of mine sent me this one called JustBeenPaid.

There is a feeder line where all new referrals are placed as they come in.
Once a person upgrades, they are either placed under their sponsor or passed up-line according to the payment plan.

The other beauty of this is that if you do not care to sponsor, you can simply purchased as many as 5 referrals per week. These are taken from this feeder line. 2 referrals puts you in profit already, so the thing to do is get in, upgrade, buy 2 referrals, then go out and advertise to continue bringing people in.

I'm upgraded and purchased my first 2 referrals today.
It can take a few days to have them assigned to you, so be patient.

I'll let you know more how this goes.

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