28 January 2010

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I've been busy with school starting over and working on various other blogs and projects.
Besides this business blog, I've got a foodie blog, a photography blog (just started) and a sketch blog -just to name blogs. Curious? All blogs are linked to the rest of the sites, so you can go from there.
Here's the foodie blog: http://SproutsandCoconuts.blogspot.com :)

I turned the compounding back on in HyiFund this morning and requested a withdrawal. Will let you know how that goes.

Speaking of withdrawals, I received payments this morning from both New Wave Power Marketing and 3WaveCycler. Since I made the request last night, it was nice to see how quickly that made it into my account.

Once you have 4 members under you in NewWavePowerMarketing you are paid for. That covers your membership and everything after that is monthly profit. It's a good program with potential for a very nice monthly income.

The 3WaveCycle is a TeamLink. All new members come through the team link and come down the matrix in order to ensure that everyone cycles at some point. You do, however, receive additional bonus for referrals, so there is still that incentive to introduce people to the program. Also nicely done. I've cycled several times and have about 3 re-entries I believe so far. It's a one time payment at the very start, so not much risk to play along.

Profit Sharing is adding up slowly but surely as always in NineLevels.
I know I say this everytime, but really, get in this one! Your initial money comes back at 150%, then it's all play money on the Profit Sharing side and PURE PROFIT and the Matrix side. What more do you want?

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