06 January 2010

New Year New Start

Back from the break and high time I started posted on here again.

As this new year gets underway, I am going through everything I am involved in and keeping or dropping. It's clean up time!

There are definitively some that are tremendous and anyone working online should give them serious consideration -in my humble opinion anyway. And then there are those who promised a lot and never delivered. We've all joined those at one time or another, so I think you know what I mean.

All that to say, cleaning is underway.

My ABSOLUTE recommendations are, without question:
- TVI-GlobalAssist
- FillerUp
- and NineLevels ... no matter what else you're into.

I've talked about these before and will continue to do so.

NineLevels is great to get started at a very low cost and really without much risk, if any.
That initial $10 comes back at the rate of 150%, or $15.
Everything else is pure and simple profit.
Get your game plan on and keep playing with that same initial $10 and rake in the matrix profit.

Really, even someone completely broke can afford this one, and even someone lousy at math can figure this one out.

Ok. That's that.
I'll talk again about my other 2 highest recommendations soon.

On a different front, HyiFund is working along fine. It's fun to log in and check out the daily earnings. Now don't go out and bet too much here just yet. I'm always cautious approaching new HyiFunds, so I've place a very small amount in to see it grow a little faster and will continue to watch. I have read good reports on this one so I am willing to go along for now.

You get an instant $2.50 to play with when you sign up a new account.

On the surfing front, WindFallHits had completed its move to once monthly payment.
The good part is you can get all your surfing done in a matter of a few days if you so choose, then not worry about it for the rest of the month. The less fun part if you get paid only once a month.

Overall, I think it's a good move for this site. They are still paying -unlike others who just quite paying without notice- and, they are on an upward slent. It's all good.

More sites doing the overhaul thing is Powerof5.
If I understood the updates correctly, they are completely changing their premise, which I am not too happy about.
The program is changing from a one line cycler to a 1-up type program. We'll see.
I'll post more updates as I know more.

All right.
More to come soon.

Happy New Year Everyone!

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