07 February 2010

Just Been Paid Details

I wanted to add a couple details about the new feeder program I introduced last week called JustBeenpaid.
It's only been 3 days since I bought my first 2 referrals, so I expect a few more days before they are added to my downline.

Please do read through this entire post.

Here are a few highlights to remember:
- 2 referrals puts you in profit.
- 20 referrals earns you a recurring $300.

Remember that you can purchase up to 5 downline referrals per week, so no worries if you have trouble sponsoring. Off course someone has to sponsor or there would be non to purchase. The company site actually runs a lot of advertising for that very purpose.

- your 3rd and every 10th referrals after that are passed on to your direct upline
- the 3rd and every 10th referrals from your own downline referrals are passed on to you.

This system creates unlimited earnings for you depending on how active your downline referrals are. And why should you pass up some of your referrals? Well, remember that it also means you will be receiving from your downline.

Here how this part goes:

You pay your sponsor $15 every 3 month.
Each personal referrals pay you $15 every 3 month. These are:
- the referrals you sponsored;
- the referrals you purchased;
- the 3rd referrals pass on to you from your own referrals;
- every 10th referrals pass on to you from your own referrals;

- Every person passed on to you will also pass on their 3rd and every 10th sale to you, creating an endless progression.

The best thing is purchase a couple downline referrals right away. As soon as they get filled in (long before your next payment is due), you are in profit.
As they themselves purchase or bring in a couple, it goes from there.

And off course, pass on your referral link as well.

All right, let's re-cap.

You earn money when:
1. people join JustBeenPaid with you as sponsor;
2. people on your first level pass up their 3rd sale to you;
3. people on your first level pass up their every 10th sale to you;
4. as a "passive participant" you purchase downline referrals, which then applies to #2 and 3;
5. 2 downline referrals put you in profit;
6. buy up to 5 downline referrals per week.

Ok, that's it. Get in ! :)

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