03 October 2010

One Year Anniversary and More

Connecting Us All just celebrated their one year anniversary!...
Here is what they have to say about their success so far:

In twelve Months Connecting Us All:

  • Is operating in nearly every country worldwide.
  • Has become a non-profit organization, with offices in The United States, The United Kingdom and Mexico.
  • Has Membership exceeding 45,000 members.
  • Has provided over a quarter of a million dollars in humanitarian aid to over 2100 members worldwide through our Giving Tree.
  • Has completed a full assortment of resources, trainings, invitation tools and finished the most state of the art platform for our industry anywhere.
Not bad at all...
I invite you to check it out for yourself and participate in this great movement to help one another: ConnectingUsAll

There's a lot going on at JustBeenPaid of late too. They've got a new JSS launch coming up, which I am reading up on and considering taking a part of. It's a way to cycle people into JBP from what I understand so far. People join JSS and earn as they cycle, then are moved up into JBP for the duration of the launch. At the end of each particular launch, everyone left who might not have had a chance to cycle yet are also placed into JBP in order. And the whole thing repeats.

Ok I know, not very clear. Like I said, I am just now reading up about it and will post again once things are a little more clear in my mind.
And since I recently received a payment from JBP, I figure maybe I should be paying a bit more attention to what is going on there (sigh)...

You can read about it yourself too right here: JustBeenPaid

The other new banner you'll notice is TeamCashCow.
I joined through a trusted site myself, and again, reading up to understand better the ins and outs of it.

In brief though, this team will get you 6 referrals into Fortune5Minutes-MillionaireClub, which, if you've read this blog in the past, you know is a program I very much like and have been searching for just the right team to stick with. Well, I think I found it.

You've got 2 options:
- Active member: sign up, get your spot, and promote. Bring in a minimum required visits per month a share in the monthly advertising profit.
- Passive member: sign up, get your spot, then purchase an advertising share. This is the "grazer" option for us promotion-challenged folks who still want to participate but might not be able to bring in the numbers.

Either options will receive 6 signs up in their downline as your turn comes around, guaranteed.

Three VERY GOOD programs to add to your online portofolio.

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