08 August 2010

Moving Forward

If you are arriving on this blog to this particular post, I highly recommend you go back one post and read that one too -or first. Either way, read both.

I am moving forward in the Connecting Us All site.
Each cycle has 3 stages to completion, and I am in the 3rd stage of my first cycle, so all is good and well.

Here is part of an email sent down to me by my sponsor:
Hi Everyone

The other day I spoke to a woman who joined CUA last September. She just quit her job because for 10 months now she has been doing very well with this gifting program.
The Imagine cycles have only been live for the past few weeks. Just imagine where she is going from here.
I asked her how she did it. This was her response: "I told 2 people."
What? Wait a minute. I told more than 2. Why am I not in a position to retire I asked.
She said " I told them to tell 2 people"

Regardless of what you do and what you participate in, the truth of the matter is things rarely happen by themselves. For the most part, you've got to move if you want to get somewhere...

Now, you can also get in and do nothing. Things will move forward since there are members who do bring in folks and each member constantly re-cycles through the system.

But really, it's not hard to tell a couple folks, particularly when what you are dealing with is completely legal and has proof on site! How many programs can you say that for? You can also PIF someone in and instruct them to do the same once they start cycling, which is what I am doing.

Here's how it works.
You start with gifting 20 and receiving 80.
Do this one a couple more times then join the higher levels.
You give 50 and receive 200, in addition to the 20 receiving 80, for a total of 280 (200 + 80).
Every time, you repeat the completed cycles and get into the next level.
By the time you make it to the top -which then goes on indefinitively- you are gifting 1670 and receiving 10,680 !!!!

How's that to get you motivated!


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