18 March 2010

New Page Up

Very Important!

I've got a new page titled: Pay It Forward.
Find the link under the header and read through the page.
If you believe as I do, then let's work together and make it happen for all concerned. Let's work as a Team.

New program: NextGenMarket.
Lot's of good things about this one. It's a good way to raise money in a reasonable amount of time.
Surf 20 sites a day until you reach 150% return on your initial spent. Miss a day? No problem. Daily surfing is not a requirement on this one, which is the main reason I choose to join. You simply surf until the 150% return condition has been met. Daily cash out too, so again, no need to wait if you need some cash back.

My experience so far:
For each day surfing 20 sites:
- $0.05
- 6% earnings on spent

Daily earnings vary from 2-6%. It just happen to have been 6% each day so far since I've joined.

It's been several days since I've been able to access GeniusFunds.
I've read on another blog that they are experiencing serious server issues and are working to resolve those as quickly as they can. They assure their members that they are still here and will be back up and running when things are fixed.
I was getting a little concerned, so glad to read this. GeniusFunds have been here a while and have a very good reputation, so let's hope for the best.

That's all for today.

It's a beautiful day and I need to go to the library. Hmm, I think I'll even ride my bike. :)

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