27 April 2012

The Old and The New

Though I am not looking for new programs per se, I do keep an eye out in case a really good one comes along ... curious? See further below ;p

JBP - JSS-Tripler
The daily payouts script is now running -these payouts take up to 7 hrs to be accomplished. Mine are usually posted by morning but not today. I'll check again later.

In the mean time, I continue to purchase Triplers. The re-start should be any moment now and I look forward to cycle a few matrices in the process.

Make sure you are upgraded to Level 1 AND have a JSS matrix position if you want any benefits from this re-start.

My VIP points are steadily adding up from the 20 original purchase, with earning settings at 100% VIP repurchasing. I consistently earn close to $3 per day now.

Of those original VIP points, the first 10 have been retired and the second 10 are not far behind. That ok though, as the repurchasing has more than grown the account over time.

At some time in the future I'll consider changing to maybe 80/20, just not yet.

And now the new:

W4ATeam - Wealth 4 All  <--link
This one caught my attention because of its easy hands down cycling features.
Similar to JustBeenPaid, you purchase a certain package that matures at a predetermined time, automatically.

In this case these purchases are called TAP and they cycle every 10 days like clockwork, for 10 cycles until maturity. You also get AU, Advertising Units, per each TAP Level purchased.
There are 5 levels of TAPs, each with 12 sub-levels.

The system automatically takes 50% of your full cycle earnings and purchases the next TAP level in the series if there is enough. The other 50% is paid out to you.

I bought my first level 5 days ago, so it's another 5 days until I get my first cycling earnings:

TAP-1.1 at $16.
Each cycle pays $4.50 for 10 cycles, or $45 upon maturity.

I really like these low maintenance programs. I'm not tied to the computer having to surf or do other tasks and can go on about my day. Win win! :D

I'll copy / paste the email I received from my own sponsor in the next post for more details. In the meantime, visit the site and watch the video.

Jave a great weekend!

First, the old:

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