04 May 2012

Daily Earnings On The Rise

Yesterday I got 3 organic raspberry bushes from a local grower and planted them in my yard! With that, the strawberry patch doing so well and the currant bush going crazy as well, it's going to be a berry season for sure!

- JBP - JSS-Tripler -
The Re-start is happening anytime this week. I did not find a specific date, only that it was planned for this week. I'm ready.
All my matrix placements are at the Premium level and I keep purchasing Tripler positions every other day, usually 3 to 5 at a time.

Since I titled this post "Daily Earnings" I should probably tell you what it is ... LOL

Daily earnings for JBP is now over $15.
I have 10 matrices, several in very good position to receive placements and therefore cycle during this upcoming re-start, and somewhere around 80+ JSS-Tripler positions last time I paid attention to that number. As these mature, they transfer into matrices and the whole things keeps turning and cycling and earning.
Isn't that a beautiful thing?

Oh yes, I also had one matrix cycle a couple days ago.

All is well in the JBP world.

If you are reading this and you are not a part of JBP, you are loosing out.
Click on the link on the right and get started.

- ZeekRewards -
Things are going well here too. I just bought another 20 Bids to reach higher numbers a little faster.
Daily earnings for Zeek is now typically between $3 and $4.

Not bad, considering I started this program just a few weeks ago. Progressing well now that I've got the daily posting under control.

From an email from my upline:
Regarding 3 ladies in my upline, one has reached 150,000 points.
Another has 100,000 points.
And yet another, after 6 month, is now at 8,000 points.

I have 162 points ... :)

To put these numbers into perspective, the back office has a example of 50,000 points at 1.4% daily earnings making $700 PER DAY!

- Wealth4A-Team -
I mentioned this program for the first time in the last post. You can go review that for more details.

TAP1.1 went through its first cycle without a glitch and earned the expected $4.50.
When enough has accumulated for purchase of TAP1.2, I'll buy it.
As more and more TAPs accumulate, so will the earnings. It's all about compounding at the beginning.

This program is still very new for me, but there is a very good email that got me to join that I will post on this blog in the ver near future.

By the way, TAP stands for "Training and Advertising Package," which gives you, among other things, banner advertising. I'll be looking into that for my various programs.

Ok, that's all for today then.

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