23 May 2012

Sunny Days On and Off Line

What beautiful sunny days we are having of late! I headed straight for the mountains this past Sunday for a little altitude hiking -what a treat.

It's been sunny days on-line too, with these programs that hardly need anything from me.

JBP - JustBeenPaid
Always seem to start with this one ... what can I say, it works like a charm.
The re-start seems to get pushed back every week. It's all fine with me either way. I keep buying Triplers and they keep maturing into JSS matrix positions.
Two matrices cycled recently, so I'll be taking out a little cash in the morning. :)

Still posting my daily ads -or at least, about 98% of the time.
VIP points are accumulating nicely. I've got it on 100% repurchase and will keep it as such into the summer.

I now have 3 of the TAP1 series.
There has been 4 cycles so far, with TAP1.3 being automatically purchased from my earnings as explained in the backoffice.

Remember, all earnings are split 50/50 as follows:
- 50% into the Cycle Bucket -for TAP purchasing only
- 50% into the Cycle Payment -from which you can withdraw.

From what I could see in the purchase history, the system takes from the Cycle Bucket first and supplements from the Cycle Payment pockets to automatically purchase your next level whenever these two add up to enough for the purchase.

See previous post for more details on Wealth4AllTeam.

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