23 June 2009

Strategy Working Out

Summer is definitively here! Currently: hot and humid.
Finally got around to getting the missing bolts for my scooter today. Now I can stop "driving" and get back to "riding," which is a lot more fun.

Let's see what is happening.

My little Bux-Matrix strategy is working nicely. By renting referrals, I get a lot more out of my daily clicks since I also earn from the referrals' clicks. My total earnings are increasing faster, getting me to my payout rate faster as well.

Actually, instead of withdrawing on the next round, I think I'll roll part of those $$ into getting additional referrals, and maybe keep doing that with every other payouts for a while. If I keep at it until I reach minimum $10 earnings per day, I'll be happy. Think about it. $10 per day means $300 per month. Not bad for about 5 minutes worth of work each morning.

Give it a try and see what you think.

Another surfing program I started yesterday is Ad-Ventures4U.
I'm sure you've seen the ad or link somewhere. It is literally everywhere. After reading the info and seeing enough people make several hundreds per month, I figured I'd give it a shot.

I bought one $10 package to start, meaning 10 ventures, which in turn give you advertising points, banners, site hits, and text messages for advertising your own programs. I'm still figuring it all out.
Ventures owned increases through profit sharings each week, depending on how you've surfed each day (min. 25 sites). These translate into cash whenever you want to withdraw.
Again, not a whole lot of time invested each day into something that grows on its own and can potentially return several hundreds per month.
Once you own a certain number of ventures, you no longer have to surf -that number is fairly high so I'm not concerned about it just yet, though it's good to know it's there. I look forward to reaching that point. ;p

And lastly for today, the current featured program is Fortune5Minutes. Great program, excellent reputation, excellent track record with 10 years of paying daily, and incredible payplan. Do not let this one pass you by without at least one read through.


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