21 June 2009

Cyclers and Why I Like Them

If you take a minute to go through my list of programs on the right, you'll notice a certain number of cyclers. Yes, I like cyclers. Why?

For one thing it's pretty easy.

Let's look at Line Cyclers for now.
There's no pressure to recruit or bring in an unreachable number of referrals in order to get a return. In fact, there is no need to sponsor at all.

Yes, you read that right.


And that, ladies and gentlement, sums it up.

In most line cyclers, you start out with the lowest line, get in with one or as many positions as you like, and wait. As others do the same, you cycle, get a return, and choose how much to keep and how much to roll over back into another line, possibly the next one up.

Now how can this keep going if not one recruits?

Fair question.

First, there are always people who do recruit and bring in more members. Some folks are just great at it and help the rest of us who are maybe not so good at it.
Second, members keep reinvesting into the cyclers, creating a continuous roll over of cycling positions
And third, most cycles are set up in such a way that insures positions will keep on being purchased, be it through automatic re-investment, or minimum positions in particular lines. All in all, it works.

My current line cyclers:
- Mad Money Junction
- Merry Profits

You can easily register for fr.e.e to familiarize yourself with how things work, then start with a couple lines and have some fun!

- Work From Home -
Easy As 1-2-3

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