23 October 2009

No Need To Panic

Fall is here and it is beautiful I love this time of year. The day is pleasant and the night refreshing. What more could you ask for?

And, as usual this time of year, some things do slow down a bit -for example, profit sharing sites have slightly lower revenues than usual. Nothing to panic about nor reasons to go post nasty comments in forums either. This tends to kill very good programs and does not help anyone. It's unfortunate that some folks cannot understand this.

Its the Holiday season, things slow down. That's ok. Keep surfing, keep earning, and things will pick up again after the new year.

I'm all good about it and earning everyweek.

Got paid from NineLevels -again!
I'm so happy about this program. I'll be re-investing $9.99 of that $15 into the matrix, so get in there to get spillover and use the same profit method I'm using. Read previous posts or ask me about it.

Another 200+ positions cycled in EbizV over the last couple of days.

I now have 3 positions in the AdvertisetoEarn matrix, all from advertising points earned through surfing. These 2 positions where f/r/e/e.

Just get in and set up your link in a revenus sharing site or other surfing sites and you're good to go.

Woohoo! I now have 5 people in my Tagoldmine downline... which means, I am due to get the 6th and cycle next week!
Cycling gives me my first earning, a re-entry into the Bronze cycle and a new position into the Silver cycle. I will now have 2 positions making their way to cycling and it keeps going.

This is another program with a NO sponsoring required set up. I urge you to take a serious look. It's worth a few minutes of your time.

Which reminds me, there is another cycler I got in a while back and did not post here until I could see that it was moving. And guess what? Yes, it is moving. Yeah!

It's called ThePowerOf5.
There are 5 Elements (or lines) and a quicker Speed line.
You can enter at any level. As you cycle in any level, you earn a return as well as an entry into the next level.

I got in the Speed line and can see my number make its way up the line. I'm at #54 right now and need to reach 20 to cycle.

Will keep you posted. I've added the link to the side NO Sponsoring section.


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