12 October 2009

Cycling Like Crazy

First of all, as we all know by now, PacForAll has closed its doors... on the very day I was to get my withdrawal too. It was invevitable, really, and I went in against my better judgement. A couple blogs I follow were singing the praise of this administration so I thought I'd give it a try.

These things are games and bound to run out sometime down the line. They are not self-sustainable. I thought I'd at least get my money back. That's how this goes.

Ok, on to better news.

Our little cycler that could is cycling like crazy still. Yes, that's EbizV. Another 163 positions yesterday, bringing the last position to cycle to #12538. Yeah!

More profit sharing into my NineLevels site. I'm up to $4.25, so another $0.25 and I get an automatic payment (every $5). That will make a little over $10 received for the profit sharing side, thus paying for my first purchased matrix position and ad pack.

So far this is working exactly as the site says. Every $9.99 position earns 150% profit sharing, or $15, making it f/r/e/e -so, for every $15 I get back, I am purchasing another matrix position / ad pack. Why not? I make $5 profit each time I do so.

This off course is not counting the matrix earning I've received so far. All that is separate and IN ADDITION to the above mentioned. Pretty good deal if you ask me.

Another one working according to plan is Tagoldmine. I've gotten 3 referrals through the system so far. Another 3 and I'll cycle into the next level, and get another position back into this level. Meaning the next round, I'll cycle twice. And on it goes.

No sponsoring needed on this one. You automatically receive a referral once a week.

I tell you what, it sure is nice to see these programs work as they should, without having to pull out my hair trying to find people to recruit, or worrying that I'll loose my money because I'm not some fancy guru with hundreds of thousands of people on my list that will jump in on every program I get in.

Faithfully doing my weekly surfing.
You can see the entire list for the other revenue sharing programs on the right side. All are working very well.
I've got a couple getting close to a weekly cash out now, which is indeed very exciting.
Great way to earn without referring or any marketing skills whatsoever. I'm proof of that, ha!

Another I seldom speak of that is work looking into is Bux-Matrix . You've got from 3 or 4 links, up too over a dozen links available per day. Very little time invested and it goes its course. This one also has a matrix tied to it. You do not have to participate in that aspect if you do not wish to, though I don't know why you wouldn't.

Allright. Have a great day and and enjoy the Fall, wherever you might be.

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