12 December 2009

End Of Year Rush

Don't know about you, but things seem to be a bit crazy of late.
I'm not even done with my Christmas shopping yet... and it's only 2 weeks away! Closer, actually, since I am leaving next weekend for a few days with family... yikes!

This blog most likely won't be updted much from now on until early January, when regular routine sets in again. If you happened on here, there's still plenty for you to read and check out. Don't be shy.

That said, let's talk business a bit.

I see a lot of advertising for this TVI-Team, so I know people are getting the word around. It's moving great. The more advertising, the more referrals trickle down line. This is still one of my most highly recommended program to get yourself in-line with.

The $5 Speed Line in ThePowerof5 is now open every week from Tuesday through Thursday. I am waiting for my next cycle (with payment) to re-invest into this one.
The Speed Line is a great idea. Lots of people generally come into that one then, helping pushing positions up the lines. That's what happened for me.
Everytime I receive a payment, I'll get another position in line, to keep it coming.

Here's one that started moving again lately, and that's WorkFor3Dollars.
I had not thought of this one for a while and got a few referrals all of a sudden. I do include my link in various ad rotating sites.
It's too bad really, I got involved in all these other programs and kind of forgot about WF3D. The good thing about it is it's very affordable at $3 entry level.
Anyway, good to see it move again. I've used this mostly as a list builder.

I check up on NineLevels every so often to see how my Profit Sharing is progressing: getting close to another payment. Easy, hands-off approach.
If you're not interested in doing much promotion, this is an easy one to have. Get your spots in the matrix and wait for your profit sharing payment. Every time you get 150% return, buy another spot in the matrix. Earn both ways.

Basically you keep playing with the same original $10, all the while earning from the matrix.

As for ad viewing, I'm getting a bit tired of the surfing gigs. It's all very slow right now, due to the holidays. As the new year gets going, I hope the returns will increase for a little more weekly cash. Will keep you posted.
WindFallHits and PayIfForwardTraffic are both on an upward trend, so I'm always sure to keep up with these 2 at least.

Finally, let's talk a little about the FillerUp Club.
The official launch is Dec. 16th -right around the corner.

This features both a Powerline and a Forced Matrix. Both get filled up at the same time, on a first come first served basis.
I just now took a peak at my own position. I'm on the third row, in spot 183. As more people come in after the launch, I'll get spillover in the matrix.

It's completely f-ree to sign up, so the best thing to do is get in and take a look around. When you feel comfortable upgrading, do so.
The perks in this program is Fr-ee gas, certainly not a bad thing to have.

Take care and stay away from the holiday craze.

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