18 December 2009

Getting Ready For Vacation

I am leaving in a couple for days and will be gone for over a week! Yeah! Family time is always fun and I am greatly looking forward to it.

This year is rounding up nicely, and I certainly look forward to 2010. It promises to be quite a year.

Latest update from WindFallHits admin is about continuing the transition to fully sustainable model with outside sources of income. They are on a small but steadly incline with payments, so I think this one is here for a while longer.

PayItForwardTraffic in on the same track, with transitioning to 100% outside income and a slight incline in weekly payments.

I actually like these two. They are easy to surf and the admin is good about keeping members up to date on what's happening.

Membership levels in FillerUp is fast approaching 6,000! Isn't that great?

Slight change in the Pay Plan, to make the accounting simpler:
Every level in the matrix pays $1 per referral.
At 2 referrals, you get a "Break-Even" bonus of $10.
At 10 referrals, you get another bonus of $40.

Your still making $50 per month for 10 people like before.
It's just structured a little differently.

I know this one is going to do great.
So get in there, earn monthly income, and get F-RE-E gas!

Our TVI Global Assist Team is another one that will do well next year.
It's very well put together with the strong recruiters helping the not so strong.
There is also an advertising co-op you can take part to bring more folks in.
It all trickles downstream, so to speak, into your matrix and your downline's matrix, meanwhile making you and other cycle into TVI -and that's what we all want afterall.

Have a great Holiday Season everyone !

And see you next year.

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