29 August 2012

Profit Clicking: The New JustBeenPaid

This picture is of Amelia Earhart and her Lockheed Electra that she flew in her attempt around the world.
No particular reason other than I am currently drawing sketches of her plane for a comic book story I'm working on ... so she's on my mind.

ProfitClicking (formely JBP)
- Things are migrating over to the new program slowly but surely.
- Number might fluctuate over the next few days until everything gets updated accurately.
- It should be another week or so before the program officially opens.
- There will not be any earnings until the site opens.
- The Triplers are now called Daily ad packs.
- The ad viewing requirements will be 25 ads per week to earn.
Ok, that's it for now I think.

Going very nicely.
I did a withdraw last week and got notice of payment the following day.
My e-wallet is already back up and looks like that I'll be able to make another withdrawl in a few days, depending on what TAPs cycle.

Got a couple grid move up, which now actually puts me in slight profit margin.
I'm not holding my breath though.

As an additional note, I've got a lot of advertising credits between these programs and need to start looking into using them.
My main programs I intend to advertise are W4AT and F5M-Milionnaire Club (though I don't talk about this last one much).


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