20 August 2012

Zeek Is No More

I'm slowly getting back into the school routine of getting up at a ridiculous hour and being gone all day.
Counting days until the next vacation days ... ha, ha.

I'm sure you've heard by now that Zeek is no more!
They have being shut down by the US government and accused of being a ponzi scheme.
I honestly do not know the ins and outs, or any details of importance actually, only that they are down for good and there are legal procedures already in place.

So, another one bites the dust.

JBP - JSS-Tripler
JustBeenPaid is, on the other hand, still going and getting stronger. They are in the process of becoming ProfitClicking soon. The program is moving to new and better servers to accomodate the new upcoming growth and should happen without much of anything on our part.\
I'm paid up to the 13th as far as daily earnings.

It's been really slow to be sure, as things often get with JBP. On the upside, they always come through so it's a matter of being patient.

Along with JBP, one of my favorite programs. No waiting or wondering is the earnings will come through. It's all determined by the clock, and therefore comes in like clockwork, if you'll pardon the pun.
Each TAP position cycles every 10 days for 12 cycles. That's it. Easy and reliable.
My favorite kind of programs. I wish there were more like this one and I would join them all.
I'm up to TAP2.3

One of my Level 4 position cycled into Level 5 - finally...
At this point, I can't really recommend joining this site. It is exptremely slow and NOT living up to it's advertising hype. If you were among the first dozen people joining or so you probably did really well, but now ... I thought I'd have had several position cycle all the way through by now.

I'll be looking at finding another one or two programs, now that I am down to JustBeenPaid and Wealth4AllTeam. Definitively NO surfing gigs though.


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