31 January 2009

Band Director For A Day

It's been a buzy week, let me tell you.
First, I've been subbing all week, which is great too. I've had fun being the Band Director for one day, where I actually directed the 6th and 7th grade band. The kids were great humoring me as I did my best to keep the beat for them so they could do their scales and music while their teacher was out for the day. What fun. Ha ! :-)

Lots is happening on the online front lately.
Things are evolving and I am becoming more discriminating in my choice of participation.
I am more into what I call "serious" programs; ones that hold members' wellfare in mind rather than the few at the top or the owners of the company. See NEW sections below for more details.

First, quick update on PTC programs:
Still doing my Bux-Matrix clicks every day. Only 2 to 10 ads per day, so it's quick. I'm almost at minimum payment again. Got paid on this one already.

Imagine my surprise when I logged on to ClickForABuck to do my minimum $100 per day click and saw that I had earned over $500 in referral clicks ! Whohoo ! Yeah ! Very excited about this. Things will move that much faster from now on.

BTW, I've reached my $5,000 paypal minimum and have requested a payment. I still have over $700 that I am keeping for the next request. I won't get $1:$1 ratio, but hey, if I get $0.25:$1, that's still over $1,000, which will make me very happy indeed. It takes 3-4 weeks to receive payments, which puts me in 3rd week of February or so. Stay tuned.


MyNetWealthTeam is making some great changes: when a member reaches certain levels of earnings, they are required to purchase a new position under the team link. This creates spillover for the entire matrix and keeps things rolling nicely for everyone.

This is major. I really like the administration behind this program. They really care about making it viable for all involved, not just the ones at the top.

I intend to purchase positions for each of my family members along the way. Get in, really, this one is worth your ONE time payment. Really.


Here is a new program called PushButtonXtreme.
There is no recruiting required, though as all things similar, if you do you earn extra bonuses.
Big names are involved in this one already. It's moving fairly fast so far and promises to be interesting.

It's a forced matrix with revolving features of sorts. What I mean is that your position constantly cycles as new members join the company wide 2x14 forced matrix. Each time you cycle you earn a commission and get cycled into the matrix again at a higher commission level.

Company wide meaning that you can earn even if you yourself do not bring in new members.
If you do, you earn extra referral bonus off course.

Basically, you get in line and advance as the whole thing advances.

See the new box ad in the side column.

That's it for now.
Stay tuned for exciting developments.

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