15 January 2009

Team Orange Moon

Have you heard of the Team Orange Moon?

We are re-inventing internet marketing.

I joined the team a little while ago to see where it would lead.
The idea is to get as many people in the team as possible, then join certain online ventures as a team, creating momentum and spillover.

What about the last ones to get in, you asked?
That has been answered through a second program, running side by side the first, where members joined in reversed order according to their ID# from the first program. That way some are in profit in the first and others in the second program.

With more promotion and re-investing from those already in profit from either program, the thing keeps getting bigger and stronger.

I highly suggest you take a look at this. I am in both programs myself.
I was in the later group for the first so found myself in the earlier group to sign up in the second, and have a downline through spillover in the second group.

Here's another reason why this is a great team.
Instead of promoting individual links, we promote the Team link, that way the matrix fills in rather than creating holes. Everyone benefits from the group promotion and everyone gets spillover.

Here is what you do.
Sign up for updates:

Join the group network:

And be sure to get your position into the Matrix:
(again, this is not my personal link. I advertise for the Team, as do others).

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The Pulsating Matrix

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