07 January 2009

Beautiful Day and PTC

It's a beautiful day here in Colorado. Might be warm enough to go for a ride on my scooter... just got a helmet yesterday, so I've got to try it out. :)

Allright, I am making the rounds of the PTC program, as announced earlier, so today I am posting updates on all of them. Here goes.

I got paid with Bux-Matrix the very same day as payment requested from me. Very good sign of administration on top of things. This payment is a combination of PTC earnings and Forced Matrix. See previous blog entry for program details.

The Forced Matrix is where the bigger earnings will come from, and definitively well worth the one time $12 position into the matrix. In fact, for every $20 that I get, I will re-invest $12 into the matrix, thus helping the team: 12 people in direct upline of that position will earn commission. So check it out.

I was "estimated" to be paid on Jan. 6th with TakeTheGlobe. They are a little behind due to server attacks, so I knew I'd be very pleasantly surprised if my payment actually did come in. As it turns out, I am #2130 in line to be paid... hmm... not holding my breath on this one. Could be a while.

I still intend to buy a referral package once I do get paid. Why? Because then I can click my 10-20 ads a day, and earn from referral clicks as well, without having to spend so much time on it myself. You can click over 100 ads per day if you want. Fre.e to join.
Members in the forum are posting being paid in the thousands... and you'll need plenty of referrals to get there, which is why I plan on re-investing part of each earnings into referral packages.

ClickForABuck is one of my favorite, though I have not reached minimum payment yet. It is smooth running, I never have trouble logging on, and you earn $1-5 per click. See previous entry for program details. The person who referred me to this said he got paid $1,000. I am willing to run the course to payment to see, since it is all fre.e to participate and there is nothing to loose.

Minimum for Paypal is $5,000, and Alertpay is $10,000. They also have eGold for $2,500, but I personally do not like them. I am currently at $2,448.

That's it for the PTC programs.
I'm looking out my home office window and it's still looking rather cold out there. Not sure if the scooter ride will happen today...

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