16 January 2009

Subbing at Local Middle School

Today I subbed (spell?) for the first time at one of the local middle school.
I had the low math classes. Overall it was great. The teacher had left tons of copying and inventory counting for me to do during the planning hour, so not time to loaf about, that's for sure.
I had the aid for one of the class re-explain to me real quick how to do some of the math so I could go around and help the kids too. I rather enjoyed it actually.

I mentioned MyNetWealthTeam earlier... well here it is, my full link:

You get 13 positions for the one time price of $15. Each spot will bring you $2,460.
Remember now that you have 13 spots, so 13 x $2,460 = nearly $32,000
Not bad for $15 investment.

I think this one is worth it.
As with all one time payment matrix, I plan on re-investing part of the profits into the matrix, to help grow the downline and increase my own profits as well.
I suggest you do the same.

Think about it and try to do the math... (wink)... as you invest into more positions, your income increases exponentially -and that's not mentioning the fact that your Team members also earn more and, if they are smart too, can do the same thing, keeping the ball rolling for everyone.

When you click on the link above, make sure the sponsor ID=34970
If not, clear your cookies than click again.
If you want to benefit from my re-investment, come in under me.

Checking up on TakeTheGlobe, I saw on the forum that they are still working on upgrading and that all payments due will be made by Jan 31st. Let's keep our fingers crossed, as that would be me.

The ever growing TeamOrangeMoon is doing well. My first 2 positions now both have 3 in downline.

I posted all the links in the previous post but I'll put them here again.
For Team updates, sign up here:

For the group network go here:

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