11 January 2009

Colorado Fires

Some you might have seen the Colorado fires in the news, north of Boulder.
I drove by yesterday to see the black grass. Pretty impressive. Some folks got really lucky as their houses were surrounded by burnt grass and were apparently untouched. A great big grateful thank you to the fire fighters who come out to help in these cases.

Ok, Bux-Matrix is doing well. I log on first thing in the morning and do my 5-10 ad surfing. It's quick and easy. I got paid once already since I started and feel very positive about this site. As I said, I will re-invest into the Matrix each time I get paid enough to do so.

After that, I usually go over to ClickForABuck and at least click through all the $5 ads and a few more to get to my minimum $100 earning per day. This site earns $1-5 per click, so it builds up fast. If I have time, I'll come back later and do the rest, but this way, I know I get at least that $100 each day. I am currently at $3,000+.

I was checking up on the news in the Pulsating Matrix and they just reported their first member to get over $1,000 during a 5 day Pulse -that's when the entire matrix reassembles in a different order to get more members a chance to be at the top and earn the big bux.

This will take a little time to build, most likely, and for those who stick around will prove to be very profitable -me thinks. It starts as a traditional 3x7 Forced Matrix and goes from there.

I just joined the 10kMatrix team a couple of days ago. The very next day I already had my first level filled with 3 referrals. It's a 3x8 Forced Matrix... do you see a trend there? Ha, ha, yes, I do like these forced matrix programs.

Anyway, 3 referrals the first day, not bad. Check it out.

And last but certainly not least, I am working on a new squidoo lens to the index all my online programs. Take a look:



That's it for today.
It's an overcast Sunday, with low clouds over the mountains. I am so looking forward to Spring...

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