03 January 2009

Bux-Matrix PTC update

I'm going over my PTC programs for the next 2 or 3 days.

Bux-Matrix is two programs within one.

First - the PTC portion:
- Fre.e to join, just like any PTC sites; just view ads and accumulate earning up to the payout minimum, in this case, $2

Second - the Forced Matrix portion:
- you can upgrade by purchasing a position in the 3x12 matrix for one time $12.
- this functions just like another forced matrix, with people coming in through your personal link as you advertise it, and -hopefully- also through your upline.

The difference and why you would indeed want to go ahead and upgrade.
- for one thing, fre.e members earn $0.005 per ad viewed, while upgraded members earn $0.01;
- you get 10 ads per day intead of 5 for fre.e members;
- there is off course the obvious additional earnings from the matrix, with downline commissions and direct referral commissions;
- and you get 400 adversing point for any other programs you are participating in.

My account currently shows $2.289 so I should be due for a payment soon (minimm payout $2).

Get your fre.e AlertPay account first -see link on sidebar, then jump in the Bux-Matrix and let's earn together.

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