04 January 2009

A Pulsating Matrix

What in the world is a "Pulsating Matrix"?
That's what I thought when I first came accross this.

It's new and unique, that's what it is.

It starts out in the usual 3x7 forced matrix format, called the 1st Pulse.

After a few days, the whole thing flips over into the 2nd Pulse, where the last people to enter the system find themselves at the top of their matrix.
Another few days and it flips again, this time into the 3rd Pulse, where people with the least amount of earning through their history of being a member are now at the top of the matrix.
And then the cycle starts again back to 1st Pulse.

Each Pulse last 5 days. Payment is sent out each week for 10 days prior earnings.

The idea is for people who have a hard time sponsoring to be able to make money anyway. That gets them excited (who wouldn't), most important, it gets them paid, and therefore... yes, that's right, it gets them talking and bringing people in, and everybody wins.

I like the intention behind this program.

Be sure to listen to the audio provided on the presentation page. The owner does a great job communicating his vision and reasons for this Pulsating system, and you'll get a better understanding of the whole thing.

Pretty fascinating, if you ask me.

The product coming with the matrix is a communication software similar to Skype, which I am not very familiar with at this time, so I'll let you check it out. I initially joined for the matrix more than anything else. Once I've played with the product more, I'll report again here.

This is a brand new program for me. My commission so far: $4

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