04 February 2009

MyNetWealthTeam Commissions Coming In

I'll get right to the point today.

Commissions just came in for MyNetWealthTeam matrix.

Remember, this is the site that gives you a total of 13 positions when you purchase one.
It's a 3x8 Forced Matrix, so these 13 positions make up your main one and your first 2 levels, each earning commissions as others sign up under you.

With ONE person signing up under you, that initial $15 has been paid back.

You earn $0.25 per spot filled-in in your matrix.

So, here's how it works out:

First, YOU sign up:
You pay $15 and get 13 positions.
You earn:
- Level 1 (main spot): 12x$0.25=$3.00
- Level 2 (3 spots): 3x$0.75=$2.25
- Level 3 (9 spots): 9x$0=$0

Total earning for signing up= $5.25

You invested $15, earned $5.25; balance = <$9.75>
Next, ONE person signs up through your main link:
You earn:
- Level 1: 13x$0.25=$3.25
- Level 2: 13x$0.25=$3.25
- Level 3: 13x$0.25=$3.25
- Level 4: the new sign up with 13 positions
For a total earnings of: $9.75
New Grand Total:
Previous balance <$9.75>, you earned $9.75; New balance $0!

Your initial ONE time $15 has now been paid back from ONE person coming into your matrix.
Each person coming into your downline will earn you $9.75.
Not bad at all.

Do you see how quickly this adds up?

Also, at various profit levels, each member is required to purchase a new position.
That means a continuing flow of spillover for all members.
That also means increasing earning for you and everyone else involved.

This is a great program. Simple, direct, affordable, and well thought out.
Take a serious look and consider it for yourself.

ONE time payment of $15 will bring you nearly $32,000.
With these odds, why not?

Here's the link: http://www.mynetwealthteam.com/?id=34970

IMPORTANT: make sure the ID=34970
If not, clear your cookies and click on the link again.

I plan on purchasing new positions for each of my family members as earnings come in.
Join us.

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